Ostomy Paste vs. Barrier Rings: What's the Difference?

As an ostomate, you understand how essential it is to care for the skin surrounding your stoma. Ostomy paste and barrier rings are two well-known products that can assist, and while they ultimately provide the same function, they do have a lot of differences between them. Choosing between ostomy paste vs a ring depends on your individual needs and preferences.

Understanding Ostomy Paste

Ostomy paste comes in a tube—sort of like caulk. Designed to be placed along the entry area of a stoma, it essentially serves as putty that evens out the area, allowing the stoma wafer to have a smoother track for adhesion. This one prevents leaks and allows a little more time between changes. The paste is used by spreading a thin layer onto clean, dry skin or the wafer and waiting 30 seconds to “tack up” (lose moisture) before pressing the wafer against your skin.

Exploring Barrier Rings

A barrier ring is a right-sized, hypoallergenic, pre-formed, sticky mound that you mold around your stoma. When stimulated by output, its bristles expand to form a shield for your skin. Unlike ostomy paste, you can apply barrier rings right onto your skin or wafer. To use a barrier ring, form it into the appropriate shape and apply with no gaps. If you only need part of the ring, you can cut it off.

Key Differences: Ostomy Paste vs. Barrier Rings

The main difference between ostomy paste vs a barrier ring is their form and consistency. Like caulk, the paste dries hard, while rings are solid but flexible. Compared to ostomy paste, barrier rings offer a cleaner application process and often provide longer-lasting protection. This one also has no alcohol, which is a known skin irritant. Meanwhile, ostomy paste can actually be more able to fill in the gaps where a barrier ring cannot necessarily work. Ultimately, the choice between barrier rings vs paste comes down to personal preference and what works best for you.

Find Your Ideal Ostomy Products at Northside Medical Supply

When it comes to ostomy care, we understand that every ostomate has unique needs at Northside Medical Supply. That’s why we offer quality ostomy supplies in Roswell and other supplies from trusted brands. Our knowledgeable staff is here to help you find the perfect products for your lifestyle, whether you prefer ostomy paste or a barrier ring. We also provide helpful resources to support you in understanding the different types of ostomy bags and making informed decisions about your ostomy care. Trust Northside Medical Supply to be your partner in living comfortably and confidently with an ostomy.

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