How Long Will I Need a Catheter After Surgery?

Compression socks, or surgical stockings, play a critical role in the recovery period following surgery. They help reduce inflammation, minimize swelling, improve blood circulation, and prevent blood clots. When worn correctly, compression socks not only provide leg comfort post-surgery but also speed up the recovery process. So, if you want to recover quickly, it’s vital to understand how long to wear compression socks after surgery.

How Long Should I Wear Compression Socks After Surgery?

This will vary depending on the type of operation you’ve undergone and your surgeon’s recommendations. Here’s how long you’ll wear compression socks after different types of surgery:

Orthopedic Surgeries

Compression socks are commonly prescribed after orthopedic surgeries like joint replacement surgeries and joint fracture repairs. If you’ve just undergone a knee replacement or hip replacement surgery, you’re advised to wear compression socks for the first 2–6 weeks of recovery. You may also wear compression socks if you’ve undergone surgery to repair a fractured joint. However, the duration will vary depending on the severity of the fracture. This is why you should always consult your surgeon for guidance.

Abdominal Surgeries

Wearing compression socks after abdominal surgeries can help reduce the risk of complications such as deep-vein thrombosis. The recommended duration for compression socks usage after abdominal surgery is 4–6 weeks. However, how long you need to wear compression socks after surgery may vary depending on your current health status.

Vascular Surgeries

If you’ve undergone surgery to treat a vascular condition such as varicose veins or atherosclerosis, you may need to wear compression stockings for 2–6 weeks. Ensure you consult your surgeon for personalized guidance, as the optimal duration of usage may vary.

How Long Does It Take for Compression Stockings to Work?

Compression socks typically start working immediately after being worn. You may start to enjoy their benefits, such as better leg support and improved blood circulation, within minutes of putting them on. If you’re using compression stockings to manage swelling and discomfort, you may notice relief after a few hours of wearing them. However, significant improvements often take a few days to become noticeable. 

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