If you’re struggling with limited mobility following a surgical procedure or foot injury, you could benefit from using a mobility aid. Crutches and knee scooters are two popular aids that can help you move around more easily while you recover. Let’s look at how they work and compare their advantages to help you decide the best option for your situation.


Crutches are supportive devices to assist walking when recovering from surgery or foot injuries. They typically consist of two stick frames you lean on while walking, transferring weight from your legs to your upper body. By providing stability and support, crutches help you move around safely while reducing strain on your injured limb.

They are lightweight, adjustable, and less expensive compared to knee walkers and rollators. However, crutches also have their share of downsides. For instance, they put a lot of strain on the shoulders, wrists, and arms, which can lead to chronic discomfort and pain. Using crutches can also be tiring since they require constant support from your arms and upper body to bear your weight. This can lead to fatigue and muscle soreness over time.

Knee Scooters

Knee scooters, or knee walkers, are mobility aids designed for individuals with lower limb injuries. They feature a cushioned knee pad and handlebars atop a wheeled frame. To use a knee scooter, simply rest your injured leg on the padded platform, grip the handlebars for support, and propel yourself forward by pushing off with the unaffected foot.

Knee walkers allow for easy maneuverability, making them a convenient alternative to crutches. They also require less effort, which makes them more comfortable to use. Despite their advantages, knee walkers may not be ideal for everyone. For one, they don’t allow for a natural walking motion like crutches do, which some people may not like. Some knee walkers also have large wheelbases, which can make it hard to squeeze through tight doorframes.

Knee Walker vs Crutches—Which Should You Buy?

While crutches may be inexpensive, they put a lot of strain on the upper body, leading to aches and pains over time. Knee walkers offer a more convenient way to move around, distributing your body weight evenly and reducing strain on your arm muscles and nerves.

If you need to support your mobility while recovering from an injury, consider a knee scooter in Atlanta. Northside Medical Supply is your one-stop shop that will meet your mobility needs. We offer a range of walking aids and accessories from trusted brands. Contact us to learn more about our knee scooters for purchase or rental.

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