There are many reasons to wear shoes specially designed for diabetes patients. Learn what all the fuss is about with this growing market and why you may need a few pairs of your own. From the overall fit to the underlying science behind the shoes created to cushion and protect, we will explore the top five reasons everyone loves our Orthofeet Diabetic shoes!

Is it Non-Binding and Roomy? 
The first difference you will notice when trying on a diabetic shoe is the width and stretch factor. These shoes should not be conforming like performance shoes. They should allow plenty of room to avoid rubbing sores on the key touching points of the foot, such as the heel, the innermost toe (hallux), and outermost toe, which is commonly referred to as the pinky toe. In fact, if you have bunions, heel spurs, plantar fasciitis, hammertoes, warts, or corns, these are additional reasons to consider getting fitted for Orthofeet diabetic shoes.

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Besides rubbing, there can be other concerns that you may find a roomier shoe width to be helpful. For example, diabetics often have skin irritations and infections. This may be due to such issues as damaged nerves called diabetic neuropathy that prevent the patient from feeling sores or cuts that become infected, restricted blood flow that affects the healing process called peripheral vascular disease, or infections resulting from the blood glucose breeding bacteria and fungi. A wider shoe can help with all of these concerns by not adding pressure that produces or further exacerbates a wound or sore.

Are There Materials the Sames as Other Shoes?
Another difference you will see in a diabetic shoe is in the materials used to construct it. The stitching will be on the outside of the shoe, which decreases irritation caused by the skin rubbing against the seams. Moreover, a diabetic shoe should be breathable and allow airflow to restrict the bacteria and fungi growth process. Since those suffering from this health condition can have an increased risk of infection that could become severe when not treated, it is crucial to select shoes that are designed to reduce bacteria breeding. 

What About Padding and Structure? 
Built into the shoe, a cushioned tongue and shoe collar promote the feet positioned towards the back of the shoe. A firmer heel padding will enhance medial and lateral foot stability. Since many people are suggested to wear removable or orthotic inserts, diabetic shoes tend to have a greater depth to allow room for the extra layers. Gel inserts can also add cooling and comfort. Be sure to ask your doctor if a gel or custom insert is needed in order to get the most out of your footwear. 

Is There Supportive Arch Support? 
Diabetic shoes have contoured insoles that keep your arch supported, absorb shock, control pronation, and reduce pressure on the bottom of your feet. This is important for two reasons: (1) diabetes can change the shape of your feet and (2) fallen arches can be painful. Therefore, having the right amount of support is imperative to a good-fitting shoe. 

Why is the Toe Closed? 
Who doesn’t enjoy the freedom of an open-toed shoe? However, the more exposure to the outdoor elements the higher the chances of cuts, dirt, germs, and injuries. This why diabetic shoes shield your feet with a closed toe. Although your days of going barefoot or wearing open-toed sandals and high heels may not be a good option going forward, there are many Orthofeet diabetic shoe styles available to provide the fashionable look you want with the comfort and protective support you need.

Why is Orthofeet the #1 Recommended Brand of Diabetic Footwear?
We carry Orthofeet shoes because they offer the best quality, comfort, and support on the market. By combining innovative yet stylish designs to meet your diabetic needs with advanced technology derived from athletic footwear for performance you can trust, the shoe line produced by this company is second to none. Stop by our store to see our diabetic shoe selection for yourself and find out first hand how these shoes can help you with protection and added stability your feet will appreciate.

Thus, when shopping for shoes that will give you the function you need with the support you’ll love, try our Orthofeet diabetic footwear. Visit our convenient location at 11040 Crabapple Rd, Ste B in Roswell, Georgia. We carry a variety of styles and widths that will give your feet the best assistance available to keep you on the move!

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