Wheelchairs/ Transport chairs

Wheelchairs/ Transport chairs

When cane and walker are not enough for aiding your mobility, the next step has to be a wheelchair to help keep your independence. Wheelchairs help you move around in and out of your home and are also commonly used for people who have injuries and surgeries that prevent them from walking on their own.

At Northside Medical Supply we offer 3 types of Wheelchairs.

  • Manual Wheelchairs - For independent individuals with enough upper body and arm strength, the manual wheelchair is the most efficient and affordable option. Self-propelled wheelchairs are propelled by the occupant by turning the rails of the large rear wheels. These standard wheelchairs are durable and are great for long-term use, especially since they need little maintenance and the physical activity it provides is beneficial to the user's overall health

This basic wheelchair, which can weigh up to 40 pounds, can be folded and supports, on average, up to 250 pounds. For a lighter chair that requires less effort for both maneuvering and transporting, you may want to consider a lightweight wheelchair, which can weigh as little as 27 pounds. Bariatric wheelchairs, also known as heavy-duty wheelchairs, may be significantly heavier than standard wheelchairs, but they provide better durability and higher weight capacity for higher than average weights

  • Transport Chair - The least expensive and lightest mobility chair is the transport wheelchair. Since they are designed to be propelled by an attendant, they are also known as attendant or companion chairs. Their average weight of 15 to 20 pounds means easy transportation and storage.
  • Power Wheelchairs - These are battery operated and recommended for people with advanced mobility needs.

At Northside Medical Supply we evaluate how you will best benefit from the wheelchair that is right for you. We determine the most comfortable style and fit for your body height and weight and your strength to get in and out of the chair and travel with it.

  • We will educate you on the functions included with your wheelchair
  • Ensure proper fit for you and the wheelchair
  • Use the wheelchair to avoid injuries.
  • We will recommend additional accessories such as wheelchair cushions that may be beneficial for enhancing your overall wheelchair experience.   


Features to take into consideration when choosing a wheelchair.


  • Carbon steel frame for optimal durability and high weight capacity. 
  • Adjustable front casters allow for a more smooth and therefore more comfortable ride.
  • Swing-back desk arms make sitting at desks and tables more comfortable and aid in transferring.
  • The rear-axle release allows for easy transfer.
  • Padded arm and leg rests provide increased comfort.
  • Seating materials such as vinyl or breathable mesh aid in comfort.


Guide To Purchasing a Wheelchair


Transport Chair $185 -$225 Average 15 – 20 lbs.
Manual Wheelchair $275 - $350 Easiest  27 - 35 lbs.
Mobility Scooter $ 1200 + Difficult 220 – 400 lbs.
Electric Power Chair $ 1999 + Easy/Very Sensitive  150 - 400 lbs


Available in our store

We offer Lightweight Wheelchair, and Transport Chairs by Everest and Jennings, Drive Medical, PMI and Merits.

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