Walking Canes & Crutches

Walking Canes & Crutches

Walking Canes

  • Walking canes provide light mobility support for people who suffer from temporary or chronic injuries that make walking difficult and painful.
  • As the most affordable option for light mobility aids, users may benefit from purchasing multiple styles, colors, and accessories.
  • Health benefits of using a cane may include:
  • Less pain in the user’s foot, ankle, knee, hip, or pelvic area as the cane offsets the pressure
  • Increased stability and support for greater independence
  • Decreased risk of falling when compared to walking without a mobility aid
  • Added confidence with a multitude of stylish options for any occasion
  • Examples of walking cane styles:
  1. Foldable
  2. Offset Handle
  3. Derby Handle
  4. Quad Cane
  5. Tri-Seat Adjustable
  • Examples of accessories include:
  • Wrist strap
  • Cup holder
  • Quad base
  • Quad cane tips


  • Crutches are helpful for those who need light mobility and balance support.
  • Northside Medical Supply offers two options for crutches:
  • Standard Crutches – These crutches should sit just underneath the armpit and offer a stable and durable design with an adjustable height feature for optimal fit.
  • Forearm Crutches – This style continues to provide the same level of light support as the standard crutches while enabling the user to lean more on the forearm as opposed to relying on the underam support.
    Many people with chronic pain or loss of balance requiring long-term use of crutches prefer this style over the standard provided that the individual has the proper amount of upperbody strength needed to maneuver.

Explore the difference between forearm or standard crutches or browse our extensive selection of walking canes in our convenient store location in Roswell, Georgia or call us to ask you questions about which mobility device is right for you and your lifestyle.

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