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Up walkers

  • Like walkers, UPWalkers allow individuals to receive light to moderate mobility support.
  • The UPWalker is similar to a rollator in that it comes with four wheels and a more sturdy design than most walkers.
  • Health benefits of using an UPWalker over a rollator or walker may include:
  • Less Pain in the wrist, back, neck, or shoulders
  • Reduction in neurological, orthopedic, and cardiovascular symptoms commonly associated with the extended use of most light to moderate mobility aids
  • Improvement in posture
  • Ability to walk farther with more confidence than with most light to moderate mobility aids
  • Decreased risk of falling than with the use of most light to moderate mobility aids
  • UPWalkers offer a helpful easy-to-use height adjustment feature for all users to walk more confidently in an upright position.
  • The ergonomic grip on the brake makes stopping or parking a breeze.
  • Each UPWalker is specially designed and crafted with a sturdy, durable, and low-maintenance frame.
  • UPWalkers are easier to maneuver than most medium support mobility aids available.
  • UPWalkers generally come with a seat for resting while waiting in long lines, stopping to rest during a longer walk, or for times when seating is not readily available.

Ask our knowledgeable and friendly team about the difference between UPWalkers, walkers, and rollators to determine which light to medium support mobility aid is best for your needs.

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