Equipment Client Evaluation

Providing the correct medical equipment and its use is very important. Northside Medical Supply evaluates the client and ensures that they receive the correct type of equipment for their medical need. The patient, family and caregivers are instructed on how to use the equipment safely.


Northside Medical Supply offers a wide variety of medical equipment for rent. Maybe you are travelling for the weekend, recovering from an injury or surgery, or need to make your home accessible for guests, our staff will assist you on finding the equipment that will work for you. In many cases Northside Medical Supply offers an option for delivery and pickup for all our rentals. Rental prices are based on equipment and rental time, with a refundable deposit. Rental equipment includes Walkers, Wheelchairs, Rollators, Ramps, Knee Walkers, Power Chairs and Scooters.

Repair service

Northside Medical Supply offers repair services for selected equipment.

Educational Seminars

The highly qualified and knowledgeable staff at Northside Medical supply offer free educational seminars to senior homes, physical therapy centers, people with special needs and caregivers. Our seminars range from Fall Management, Safety in your home, Incontinence management, Diabetic foot care, and Using Mobility equipment safely. Call today to book your seminar its Free!

Diabetic Foot Care

Many people with diabetes have circulatory issues, which can affect their nerve endings in their feet and toes. The result is a loss of protective sensation or commonly known as neuropathy.
When you combine the loss of protective sensation with ill-fitting shoes, sores may develop because of rubbing, slipping or shearing which may lead to serious problems and eventually amputations. Diabetic shoes are specially designed and constructed with extra depth and inserts. Wearing Diabetic shoes provides your feet with the extra protection they need. With a doctor’s prescription our certified diabetic shoe fitters will evaluate your feet and help you choose the right type of shoes from a wide selection of styles and colors. 
Diabetic shoes with inserts are covered by Medicare Part B and Health Insurance carriers and a pair is available every calendar year. Come and see our selection of Diabetic shoes today and set up a consultation with our certified fitter!

Orthotic Bracing

Northside Medical Supply offers a wide selection of bracing. In store we have back, knee and ankle braces.  We also stock compression wear in various sizes and pressures. With a doctor’s prescription our certified orthotic fitter will take the measurements needed for the particular brace or compression wear and fit as required. Most braces are available through Medicare and Health insurance. Come in today and see our brace selection!