SENI Incontinence Products

Seni® Incontinence Products

Don't let concerns about leaks and bladder control keep you from doing what you love and enjoying life. The Seni™ brand is trusted by medical professionals around the globe, and we are proud to offer a wide array of their top-selling products in our convenient Roswell, Georgia location at Northside Medical Supply. Whether you are an active athlete or have limited mobility, Seni™ offers you the freedom to participate in your favorite activities with more confidence. 

Seni™ Man  Extra Bladder Control Guards for Active MenHappy senior citizens in a race
Men who are on the move and concerned about leaks will find these pads lightweight, easy to use, and discreet. Anatomically shaped with a soft outer layer, these control pads protect against light to moderate leaks. With quick absorption and minimized risk of allergic reactions, this is one of our top-selling incontinence products for men. Simply affix the padded protection to any underwear for added peace-of-mind anywhere anytime.  

Seni™ Super Plus Premium Quality Briefs
When the wearer is in need of something soft and breathable, the Seni™ Super Plus Premium Quality Briefs are a perfect fit! Leakage is not a problem with the leg cuffs, elastic waist, and closing tabs that offer a tailored fit. For dependability, the double absorbant core wicks away moisture leaving the wearer a feeling of breathable dryness and reduced risk of skin irritation. Moreover, caregivers will love the double wetness indicator on the outside!

Seni™ Active Plus Disposable Underwear 
Physical therapy patients and active individuals with moderate to severe incontinence rave about this disposable underwear you can trust to absorb leaks and reduce odors while preventing skin irritation with maximum breathability and comfort. Fully elastic, this item will bend as the wearer bends and will feel light and flexible with a high level of movement throughout the day.  Quick tear away sides enable fast removal.    

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