Raised Toilet Seats & Commodes

Raised Toilet Seats & Commodes

The bathroom is one of the most dangerous and frustrating rooms in a home or medical facility for those facing the common hurdles associated with such medical concerns as surgery recovery, limited mobility, or incontinence. This is why in addition to our popular fall prevention line of products, such as grab bars, railings, non-slip socks, and transfer bath chairs, we carry a variety of portable bedside commodes, commode accessories, and raised toilet seats. Such items can offer your patient or loved one more independence and dignity with a lower risk of accidents and easier clean-up.

Our commodes offer a range of useful features to choose from, such as:

  • Folding – These commodes are perfect for medical clinics with limited storage or individuals who like to travel.
  • Drop-Arm – The drop-arm design allows individuals the option to use the arm when needed for additional support and otherwise lower it out of the way.
  • Padded – This feature provides added comfort, especially for those who have been through surgery.
  • Bariatric – Our bariatric line of commodes are designed to offer stable support for a higher weight limit and a wider seat with more room between railings.

For a higher degree of support with most commodes, raised toilet seats may be purchased together with railings or separately. We stock everything from basic elevated seats to seats with railings to reduce the risk of falls and injuries. Visit our store location in Roswell, Georgia to view our full selection and remember to browse our fall prevention section for additional safety items for your patients or loved ones to enjoy.

Knee, muscle and joint problems as well as recovering from hip and knee surgery can make it difficult or even painful to sit down on a typical toilet seat. A raised toilet seat can alleviate the pain as well as the inconvenience of the longer distance by ensuring that the knees are below the hips when seated.

Raised toilet seat is available in different heights from 2 inch to 5 inch and some have handles.

Raised toilet seats may be portable or be tool free that may be installed onto the bathroom commode.

Toilet Rails

Individuals may not need to have a raised toilet seat however require rails to help them sit and stand from the commode. Toilet rails may be installed to the bathroom commode or freestanding.


Preserve your dignity with a bedside commode when it’s difficult to reach the bathroom in time. For quick and easy clean-up and waste disposal, add a commode liner.

Choose a padded commode for enhanced comfort, a commode with drop arms for more security while getting on and off the commode, or a shower commode, which can be used in the shower commonly known as 3 in 1 commode. Specialized commodes and commodes that are extra wide for weight capacity 400lb are also available.


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