Power Scooters and Chairs

Power Scooters and Chairs

Whether you are looking for mobility assistance on the road or while at home, Northside Medical Supply offers a wide range of power scooters and wheelchairs with the latest in comfort, technology, and style.

Things to consider when purchasing or renting a power mobility device:

  • Intended Use
  • Insurance Coverage
  • Level of Stability Required (3-Wheel or 4-Wheel)
  • Expected Terrain
  • Turning Radius
  • Portability
  • Top Speed
  • Resting Support
  • Standing Support

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Simply call us (770) 425 7718, Complete the reservation form HERE, or e-mail us  at mandy@medicalsupplygroup.com. We will be glad to answer all of your questions or assist you in finding the right product for you, your patients, or your family members.

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