Penile Pumps for ED

Penile Pumps for ED

Male erectile dysfunction can be an ongoing and frustrating issue for many men, which is why we carry the very best in penile pumps and accessories from Encore™. We offer three systems to fit your preferred operational method, comfort level, and budget needs:

  1. Manual – Our manual system comes with a manual pump and penile tube, 7x incrementally different sized rings, a patented ring ejector, and a tube of lubricant. For your convenience, a zippered travel case is included along with an instruction booklet and video. With your purchase, you also receive direct access to the Encore™ premium customer care center by dialing 1-800-HELP. This pump comes with a pump and tube lifetime warranty.

  2. Battery Operated – The battery operated version comes with an O.T.C. grade battery pump and a penile tube, 4x incrementally different size rings, a tube of lubricant, and a patented ring ejector. There is a one-year warranty on the pump and tube plus an instruction booklet and access to the 1-800-HELP customer care service with purchase. Available without a prescription.

  3. Deluxe Dual (Manual and Battery) Operated – This system comes with two pumps: one battery and one manual vacuum pump. These interchangeable pumps easily twist into the penile tube for one-handed operation. The system also comes with an easy-to-use ring loading applicator, 7x different ring sizes ranging from #3 (1/2 inch inside diameter) to #9 (7/8 inch diameter). All in between sizes are increased in 1/16″ increments. Ring measurements are taken from the interior diameter. Replacement rings are also available. As with all our Encore™ systems, you will receive a video, instruction booklet, zippered carrying case for travel and storage, and access to the 1-800-HELP customer care service with purchase.

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