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Ostomy Pouches & Urological Suppliesl
After an ostomy, there are some essential healthcare items patients will need to keep on hand at all times. These items prevent leaks, reduce odor and skin irritation, and assist with the patient’s degree of comfort and confidence. Come to Northside Medical Supply in Roswell, Georgia to stock up on all related ostomy products and accessories.

In our store, you will find these items and more:

  • 1 Piece or 2 Piece Drainable Pouches – Choose between 1 piece and 2 piece drainable pouches. Patients often like the more discreet appearance of 1 piece pouches as well as the peace-of-mind they offer regarding leakage protection. However, the skin barrier wafer is able to stay-in-place for an extended period of time with the 2 piece pouches reducing the risk of skin irritation. Whichever style you select, you can expect to find a wide range of brand names, models, and sizes at Northside Medical Supply.
Ostomy Bag
  • 1 Piece or 2 Piece Closed Pouches – With both reusable drainable and one-time-use closed pouches, we carry only premium products for reliability and comfort. Select from such brands as Hollister Premier™, ConvaTec ActiveLife®, Assura®, Esteem Synergy®, Karaya 5™, Little Ones®, Pouchkins™, Premier™, and more.
  • Ostomy Accessories – Find all your ostomy accessories at Northside Medical Supply, such as caps, remover wipes, dressings, liners, tail closures, belts, scissors, adhesive remover, clamps, and adhesives. To see our full selection, medical supply store location in Roswell, Georgia.
    Our knowledgeable staff members are always ready to answer questions you may have regarding our products, brands, or most popular items.
  • Flanges & Barriers – We believe you should be able to select the style, size, and material that works best for your skin and drainage needs.
  • Irrigation Items – Find all your sleeves, kits, containers, and stoma cones here
  • Pastes & Powders -Barrier strips, barrier rings, and a variety of pastes and powders are available for quick purchase.
  • Support Products – Our inventory includes adjustable, stretchable, or no-stretch support belts for ostomy and hernia patients.
  • Cleaners & Deodorizers – One of the challenges of patients with ostomy pouches is finding a cleansing system and deodorizing method that works. Therefore, we searched for the best in ostomy care brands to bring a wide array of adhesive removers, odor eliminators, starter kits, internal deodorants, lubricating deodorants, and pouch deodorant tablets to consumers.
Northside Medical Supply has been a supplier of medical and surgical equipment and supplies to Clinics and Hospitals, Independent & Assisted Living Facilities, consumers, medical professionals, schools, businesses, and governmental and non-profit agencies since 1993. Our staff is comprised of professionals that are committed to finding the right solutions for you. Our mission is to offer the absolute best service and selection of medical equipment and supplies at the best possible price. We continuously look to improve, expand and broaden our existing product lines and service.

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