Ostomy Accessories

Ostomy Accessories

Ostomates find they can avoid embarrassing situations and uncomfortable fitting appliances with some simple modifications found in these ostomy accessories. Pouches and Barriers that are ill-fitting may leak and cause irritated skin-something no ostomate wants or needs. These occurrences can be prevented with barrier strips, mold-able strips and pastes that specifically enable pouching systems to completely adhere to uneven skin. Medical Grade Adhesives are silicone based, unaffected by moisture and ensure a secure seal to many different appliances. Sting-Free Adhesive Remover Wipes easily remove adhesive residue post op or post appliance removal, leaving fragile skin intact and healthy. Ostomy scissors enable quick cut-to-fit options for a custom fit for every stoma size. Pouch clamps or tail closures fit body contours, lock securely and are easy to use. Each ostomate faces unique challenges, with the right ostomy accessory they can be faced head on, improved and or eliminated.

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