Gloves are a necessity in clinical settings to contain and limit infection and cross-contamination. Gloves are worn in the home  when care giving, meal prepping or handling certain products. All gloves are required to be powder free to eliminate allergy and sensitivities in both individuals and physicians. There are several materials utilized to manufacturer gloves providing differing levels of thickness and protection from biohazards and chemicals. Latex gloves are commonly used in care giving settings but must be not be used by or on those that have a latex allergy. To suit latex sensitive individuals, synthetic materials are used instead such as vinyl and nitrile. Both vinyl and nitrile gloves offer excellent protection with tactile sensitivity at the fingertips and beaded cuffs. Sterile, surgical gloves are also offered by the pair and box for operating room stock and for times when sterility is absolutely necessary such as during procedures like changing catheters, tracheostomy and ports.

In store we stock nitrile, vinyl and latex gloves in a variety of sizes.

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