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Diabetic Shoes

Patients facing challenges with foot and leg concerns associated with diabetes, individuals with unrelated foot problems, and those standing on their feet for extended periods of time rave about our footwear. Our diabetic shoes are so comfortable, breathable, supportive, and stylish, you will never want to go back to restrictive or unsupportive shoes again!

Here are some of the reasons you will LOVE our shoes…

Diabetic Shoes

  • Protective – Our diabetic shoes are closed-toed to avoid cuts and other foot injuries.
  • Limits Rubbing – The stitching on diabetic shoes is on the outside and extra roomy to prevent sores and blisters.
  • Breathable – The material on our shoes allows more ventilation to decrease the growth of bacteria and fungi.
  • Comfortable – A cushioned tongue and shoe collar help feet stay in position.
  • Supportive – Give tired arches much needed support! Our shoes use premium archway technology to absorb shock, control pronation and reduce pressure.

Browse our selection of fashionable footwear at our store location in Roswell, Georgia and be sure to pick up your preferences for compression hosiery and socks. Compression socks apply just the right amount of gentle gradient pressure to your legs, ankles, and feet to help increase the blood flow all the way from your legs to your heart. Plus, we carry a wide array of fashionable options for you to find the colors and styles that work best for your lifestyle and activity. From mid-calf to knee-length, we have you covered with the best in quality for durability and performance you can trust.

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