ou may have heard about Northside Medical Supply store in Roswell, Georgia from members of the local community. But, what makes this store so much more than your typical shopping experience for customers? Find out what this store does that will have you talking too!

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Take in That Small Town Charm
If you enjoy that stress-reducing casual environment you find while perusing in small-town businesses, then you will love browsing at Northside Medical Supply! This store was made for people who prefer convenience mixed with personable attention and a low-key atmosphere. In fact, Northside Medical Supply is located less than three miles from Roswell’s Historic District. This quaint area attracts visitors each year to its balanced blend of historical sites, artist hangouts, and culinary delights. When you are ready to explore more of mother nature, there are a large number of nearby outdoor activities to try. Then, should you discover you left your compression socks, CPAP accessories, face mask, ostomy supplies, or other medically related items at home, a quick stop by Northside Medical Supply will have you ready for the next adventure in no time!

Find Hard-to-Find Items in Stock
Another reason customers make this store their first stop for medically related items is the large selection of those products that can be difficult to locate at pharmacies or big box stores. Some examples are rollators, hospital-grade knee braces, dinnerware for Alzheimer’s patients, and so much more! They even carry the best in fall prevention products like grab bars, shower chairs, bedside railings, and transfer chairs. Plus, if you injure your ankle on a hike or you are unsure of your balance, you can pick up wound care supplies and mobility aids like crutches, a cane, or a power wheelchair or scooter. In fact, some of the customers’ favorite items found in the store are exclusively sold by Northside Medical Supply. Therefore, by shopping at another location, you could be missing out on all those wonderful discoveries you never knew you needed!

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Shop With Confidence?
By now you are probably asking, “Who knew shopping for medical supplies could be this much fun?” But, it gets better when you realize the aisles are stocked with the same brands the hospitals use. All the top-recommended products are there! So, you can purchase with the peace-of-mind that comes from knowing you are getting the highest level of quality available. See for yourself where the physicians, nurses, surgeons, and medical students go for their trusted supplies for their clinics and patients. 

Interior of Northside Medical Supply
Review of Northside Medical Supply

Get Help From a Knowledgeable Staff Member
No outsourced third party answering your questions by reading the online descriptions you’ve already read here! This team knows about their product features and they cannot wait to assist their customers. When you stop by, be sure to take a moment to speak with the owners, Mandy and Joe Patel. They opened this store for the purpose of helping people find the items they need that can be a challenge to buy elsewhere. It is because of this customer-driven purpose that you won’t have to press the service button or walk throughout a series of aisles looking for someone to answer your questions. All you need to do is come into the store or call (770) 425-7718 to speak with a friendly staff member. 

Review of Northside Medical Supply

Feel Good Supporting Local Businesses
Best of all, by spending time at a store like Northside Medical Supply, you are supporting a local business. This act comes with benefits like knowing your purchase is appreciated by the owners and staff members and works towards helping to sustain the charm of small companies. Also, since this is a locally owned store, Joe and Many are happy to offer a complimentary no contact curbside pickup service. Simply call the store to let them know you are in the parking lot, and someone will load your trunk or back seat with your items. They make it as easy as possible to stock up on your supplies so you can focus on your health instead of going place-to-place and aisle-to-aisle hoping you see what you need.

Review of Northside Medical Supply

Thus, if you are searching for the unique finds and the warm atmosphere of Roswell, Georgia, don’t forget to say hello to Joe and Mandy while enjoying their well-stocked inventory of high-quality medical items. After all, there are some things big box stores and online shopping cannot offer. Northside Medical Supply is located at 11040 Crabapple Rd, Ste B in Roswell, Georgia. They are looking forward to seeing you really soon!

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