There are a wide variety of reasons that a person may find it difficult to walk without additional support. Pain, injury, or mobility concerns as well as other medical conditions can result in a need for added stability from a walking cane when standing, sitting, or walking. As such times arise, this guide can help you discover the type of walking cane that is best for you.

The right walking cane can provide excellent support and stability, making it a lot easier to get around while reducing discomfort or fear of falling. Also, walking canes are a breeze to store and use. However, with so many different types of walking canes available in the market, it can be difficult to determine which one may be the most suitable choice for you.

Popular Styles of Walking Canes
Different walking canes may be suitable for people enduring different types of issues. To make the selection easier for you, here is a rundown of the common types of the most popular styles of walking canes as well as their benefits.

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1. Foldable
Thanks to its wonderful portability, the foldable walking cane is the most popular walking cane available. These are basically the same as standard walking canes, but can also be folded down. Foldable walking canes are usually made out of aluminum, which allows them to be extremely durable yet lightweight. They are especially useful for people who don’t need a walking stick at all times or as an extra walking cane to carry in the car as they can easily be stored away in bags for when the need arises.

2. Offset Handle
These walking canes are different from the ones you are probably used to seeing, and might even look funny to some people. This is because walking canes with offset handles are designed to be held differently. It features an L-shaped handle that is slightly curved, looking somewhat similar to the neck of a swan.

The design of these canes allows your weight to be positioned directly over the shaft, which increases the stability and reduces the pressure on the wrists. The soft grip of these offset handles yields maximum comfort. These walking canes are generally suitable for people with weak wrists or with arthritis in their knee or hip.

3. Derby Handle
These are stylish walking canes you usually see in those cinematic noir movies. Not only do they look more elegant than most styles of walking canes, but they also provide a very supportive handle. The design of these walking canes allows you to hold them without any discomfort to your hands or fingers. When not in use, you can simply hook it over your shoulder or even your chair. With their elegant design, they also pair well with an evening of fine dining, lunch with friends, or a special occasion.

4. Quad Cane
These walking canes have four legs that touch the floor and are more suitable for people who need a higher level of support or are using the walking cane on hard or slippery flooring surfaces. The additional legs offer extra support, balance, and stability to the user, ensuring that the stick doesn’t become misbalanced or slip away while in use. This is an ideal cane for poolside and bathroom areas as well as tiled or hardwood rooms of your home.

Quad canes come in two styles – wide-based and small-based. The wide-based quad canes provide the greatest level of support while the small-based take up less room to store.

5. Tri-Seat Adjustable
The tri-seat adjustable folding cane is more than just a walking cane. As the name suggests, you can use this style as both a mobility aid and a portable seat. You may think that carrying around a portable seat with you will require a lot of effort and strength that could be tiring, especially if you are already struggling with mobility and a risk of falling. But, these adjustable folding seats are incredibly lightweight. At the same time, they make for quite sturdy seats when a seating option is not available, such as while standing in long lines. Furthermore, the height of the cane can be adjusted according to the person’s height making them ideal for anyone.

Where to Shop for the Style You Prefer
Before purchasing a walking cane, it is important to do thorough research on all the different types available by visiting your local medical supply store. At Northside Medical Supply in Roswell, Georgia, we carry an extensive selection of mobility aids for you to browse and test. Shop by our store location at 11040 Crabapple Rd the best selection at affordable prices. We look forward to helping you find the right products at the right price at Northside Medical Supply.

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