When Should I Replace My Compression Stockings and Socks?

Compression socks and stockings offer numerous health benefits. For one, they improve blood circulation in the lower body and help prevent deep vein thrombosis (DVT). Depending on how long you wear them, compression socks and stockings can also reduce swelling in your legs and reduce pain and discomfort. So, how long do compression socks and stockings last? Let’s find out.

How Long Do Compression Socks Last?

Just like any article of clothing, the fabric in compression stockings and socks deteriorates with time and stops providing the promised benefits. On average, compression socks last 3–6 months, depending on how often you wear them. Medical compression socks may need replacement more often than standard compression socks—usually every 2–3 months. This is because they are worn more frequently and exposed to more wear and tear.

How Long Do Compression Stockings Last?

Compression stockings typically last between six months and two years if you maintain them well. If you’re wearing the stockings for medical purposes, your doctor will specify when you need to replace them to ensure you get maximum benefits.

How To Tell If Your Compression Socks and Stockings Need Replacing

The first and most obvious sign that you need new compression socks or stockings is visible wear and tear. Look for signs of damage like fraying seams, tiny holes, and stretched-out fabric on your compression garments. Moreover, compression garments that have passed their use-by date offer reduced compression and generally feel looser than before. As a consequence, they lose their effectiveness in promoting good blood flow, and you may start feeling some pain or discomfort while wearing them.

How To Make Your Compression Socks and Stockings Last Long

Here are some tips on how you can maximize the lifespan of your compression socks and stockings so they can serve you for longer:

  • Buy multiple pairs. Generally, the more pairs of socks or stockings you have, the less wear and tear each pair experiences and, consequently, the longer the socks last.
  • Avoid heat. Heat exposure can damage the fabric of compression garments and make them less elastic. Avoid drying your socks and stockings in direct sunlight, and never use hot water to wash them.
  • Avoid crumpling or overfolding the garments while storing them, as this can stress the fabric. Hang them up on hangers or lay them flat.

Are You Looking for Quality Medical Supplies?

Ultimately, the main factor that determines how long compression socks and stockings last is the type of material they’re made of. Northside Medical Supply is the premier supplier of quality compression wear and nebulizers in Alpharetta. We also provide mobility equipment, orthopedic devices, and wound care supplies. Give us a call today to learn more about our products and services.

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