Six Essential Tips on How to Choose Diabetic Shoes

Living with diabetes necessitates continuous care and attention, particularly when it comes to foot health. Diabetic people are at a greater risk of getting foot complications because of nerve damage and decreased circulation. To avoid these challenges, it is essential to be careful when choosing diabetic shoes. This guide provides information regarding what kind of shoes diabetics should wear and how they can impact their general foot health.

What to Look for During Shoe Selection

Here are some factors to consider when it comes to how to choose diabetic footwear:


Comfort should be the greatest priority during shoe selection for diabetic individuals. Look for footwear that has a cushioned, soft interior to decrease pressure points and the risk of blisters. Also, shoes with enough toe room allow for adequate circulation of blood, preventing constriction.

Pick Shoes With a Wide Fit

Selecting shoes with a wide fit allows for accommodation in case of changes in foot size because of swelling. Additionally, it decreases friction between the foot and the shoe, reducing the occurrence of sores.

Look for Support

Diabetic people usually experience minimized sensation in their feet, making it vital to pick footwear that offers enough support to decrease the risk of falls or injuries. Regarding how to choose diabetic shoes, footwear with strong outsoles and firm heels provides stability and improves balance, reducing the possibility of tripping. 

Consider Adjustable Features

If you want diabetic shoes, consider getting shoes with adjustable features like laces or Velcro straps. They allow for easy personalization and can accommodate changes in foot size. These shoes are also easy to wear and remove.

Seek Breathability

Diabetic persons are vulnerable to foot infections, so it is essential to select breathable footwear. Look for shoes made of breathable material like leather or mesh since they allow airflow and reduce moisture buildup, decreasing the risk of bacterial or fungal infections.

Check for a Detachable Insole

A detachable insole is a treasured feature in diabetic footwear. It allows for the custom use of orthotics and allows for personalization. Removable insoles improve comfort and inhibit pressure points by offering adequate cushioning and arch support.


Selecting the right diabetic shoes in Roswell plays a significant role in maintaining optimum foot health for people with diabetes. Prioritizing support, comfort, and breathability and deliberating on adjustable features in shoes can help you make significant steps toward averting complications. Northside Medical Supply is available to help you select the best diabetic shoes that meet your needs.

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