a man is checking his blood sugar levels

5 Medical Supplies All Diabetics Should Own

Whether you have been recently diagnosed with diabetes or this is a disease you have been battling for years, these 5 products can help relieve symptoms and stay informed about your blood sugar levels wherever you roam. Plus, they’re a breeze to find! Simply walk into your local medical supply store and stock up on these quick-purchase items that can help you take more control over your health. 1. Accurate Blood Glucose Meters The first thing your doctor will likely ask you to do is check your blood glucose levels on a regular basis. How frequently should come from your treatment plan you make with

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Running with compression socks on

Which Compression Level is Right for You?

Compression socks have been known to carry such benefits as reducing the risk of developing DVTs, preventing varicose veins, and even improving athletic performance. Whether you are new to selecting compression wear or you have always wondered if you are purchasing the right amount of compression for your health and activities, this guide can help you purchase the items that are right for you. What is mmHg?Millimeters of mercury or mmHG is used to measure pressure. This includes taking your blood pressure or checking the level of pressure in your compression garments. In compression socks, you will find anywhere from 8-15 mmHg to 40-50 mmHg

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A woman dressed for fall weather with a shopping bag.

7 Reasons to Start Shopping for Gifts at Your Local Medical Supply Store

Looking for gifts for people who already seem to have everything they need? While making your holiday gift list and checking it twice, don’t forget about the many unique and helpful products that are only available at your local medical supply store. Get the gifts you know they’ll love and use. Shop Northside Medical Supply in Roswell, Georgia for these top items that help add to the joy of living life to the fullest! Parents of Toddlers or Young ChildrenWith the pure joy and loads of fun of having young children in the home comes the reality of safety concerns. Bumps, bruises, and scraps are

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A telemedicine appointment on a laptop.

What You Need to Have Ready for Your Telemedicine Appointment

Due to the pandemic, telemedicine appointments are being used to diagnose and treat a wider range of symptoms and illnesses than ever before. Patients who fall into the high-risk category for developing serious complications when exposed to infection as well as those who require ongoing routine visits for managing certain illnesses often rely on telemedicine to stay connected to their physicians and receive proper care. Before each appointment, here is what you will need to maximize your time spent with your medical team and receive the most effective treatment plan for your healthcare needs. Medical Records & Completed Clinic FormsThe first thing your physician will

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A person's hands are shown with a credit card while typing on a laptop.

How COVID-19 has Changed Back to School Shopping

Wearing face masks at school and adapting to remote learning options where available are not the only changes for students and their families during the COVID-19 pandemic. Back to school shopping has also shifted towards contactless purchasing methods, supportive measures for locally owned businesses, and, of course, additional protective items for increased safety from potentially harmful germs. Here are seven of the biggest changes that could become the new standard for school supply shopping. The School Supply List Now Includes PPE ItemsBefore COVID-19, many parents may not have known that “PPE” stood for Personal Protective Equipment, much less be able to list out some of

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A mom is sitting on the floor of a bathroom with her toddler

7 Essential Safety Items Parents of Young Children Should Own

Once you have children, your home can suddenly seem like a house of hazards instead of the safe environment in which you want to raise a family. But, don’t stress. Your hard surfaces and dangerous products are no match for these products that can prevent accidents and give you the relaxing vibe you need to focus on cherishing each moment of this precious time in your life. 1. Two Words – Non-Slip SocksHave a shoes-off rule in your home? When worn outside, shoes can track dirt, germs, and allergens throughout the home creating more cleaning work for Mom and Dad. The downside of leaving your

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A woman in a wheelchair working at her desk

5 Items You Should Buy Before Surgery

After a surgical procedure, these medical supplies can aid in your recovery and help you get back to doing what you love. Best of all, they are more affordable than you might think! Get ready to be surprised at how a little support can go a long way towards better health. 1) Medical BindersAfter surgery, your surgeon may suggest a medical binder, such as an abdominal binder following a cesarean section or a hernia belt. The purpose of the binder may be to relieve pain, prevent stitches from tearing thereby restricting the scar size, and, for plastic surgery procedures, support the shaping process. Although such items

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A physician and nurse are checking a person's wrapped knee.

Injured? Rent These 5 Medical Items to Help Speed Your Recovery

Whether you have been injured or you are recovering from surgery, renting these medical items can have a huge impact on your path to restored health, mobility, and independence. Take a closer look at how temporary support can go a long way to speed your recovery while enabling you to keep up with your daily activities. Then, find out how safe and effortless it is for Georgia residents to reserve their medical equipment at Northside Medical Supply. Are You a Georgia Resident?If so, medical equipment rentals may be the perfect excuse you need to check out our unique medical supply store located in historic Roswell.

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A man in a wheelchair is using a reacher in the kitchen.

7 Tools to Help ALS Patients Suffering From Muscle Weakness

Significant muscle weakness due to ALS or other medical conditions can turn everyday tasks into a struggle. You may also notice more stiffness or discomfort and eating may become more challenging. If this sounds familiar, these seven tools can help! Achieve a higher degree of independence, comfort, and confidence with these supportive aids. Why Buy These Items From Northside Medical Supply?First, our medical supply store in the quaint town of historic Roswell is well-stocked with only the top brands and quality you can trust. Second, you will find our team is always ready to assist you with questions and related suggestions to help you find

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A doctor or medical student in an empty patient room smiling

Where Medical Students Shop in Roswell, Georgia

Medical students have enough to think about without having to worry about the best place to shop for medical supplies. That’s why Northside Medical Supply in Roswell, Georgia is making it easy to find light pens, coverings, and a large variety of the highest-quality diagnostic tools. Discover some of the top reasons Northside is everyone’s favorite medical supply store for yourself! Find the Best Brands!Sometimes, it can feel overwhelming to know which brands are the most trusted among the medical community. As a medical student, you have volumes of research ahead. The last thing you need is to be concerned over the quality of products

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