Male incontinence can turn even the most fun activities into a dreaded or embarrassing ordeal. Recapture the excitement about life’s adventures again with these discreet products. Whatever you have planned for the day, these items can help you forget about the challenges of incontinence so you can get back to doing what you love!

Don’t miss out on Your Favorite Activities
Run whatever distance you choose and never have to leave a game with the discreet Afex men’s urinary incontinence system. This is the #1 seller for male urinary incontinence concerns! The latex, adhesive, and pressure-free system comes with an ultra-soft pair of briefs made with 96% premium cotton, a high style receptacle with a flexible top that moves with your body, a 16oz collection bag, a cleaning container, and a 4oz bottle of cleanser solution. Attach the brief straps on the front and back securely through the loops for a more secure fit to decrease the risk of leaks or discomfort while staying active. Then, simply remove the straps from the loops for a more relaxed fit when sitting or lying down. 

A senior man with a tennis racket on a court.

Disposable Briefs for Active Men
Looking for a disposable option? Worn just like cotton briefs, Seni™ Active Super Plus briefs for men offers a high level of urine and odor absorbency for moderate to severe leaks. Simply pull on the briefs for superior leakage protection. Plus, the Seni™ Active Super Plus briefs prevent side leaks with a fully elastic adjustment to hug and conform to your body. Best of all, removal is a breeze with the easy-tear side seams! 

Lighter Leakage Protection
For light to moderate leaks, the Seni™ Man active guards may be affixed to any underwear for quick fluid and odor absorption. Anatomically shaped, these sanitary guards will block side leaks while moving with your body using a flexible design. Breathable and latex-free, the Seni™ Man active guards are a fan favorite for active individuals who would feel more confident with the assurance of a light amount of protection.

Stay Dry all Night Long
You try to stay hydrated with extra liquids earlier in the day so you can skip the water at bedtime and get a better night’s rest. But, you still find yourself waking up to leaks or an urgent need to rush to the bathroom. For more sound sleeping, switch to the Afex low receptacle system. This receptacle was crafted for greater comfort when performing more sedentary activities like extended periods of time sitting or sleeping. Both the high and low receptacle designs are an inexpensive alternative to adult sanitary pads or disposable briefs. The Afex system offers a double-wall to prevent urine backflow and prevent skin irritation making it the ideal system for all-day use one-the-go and while relaxing at home. 

One-Time Use Nightly Comfort
If you experience heavy leakage at night or bowel incontinence is a concern, it is hard to beat the flexible and breathable comfort of Seni™ Super Plus briefs. These adult briefs contain closing tabs and leg cuffs to fit snugly against you in order to catch and wick away severe leaks leaving you feeling dry throughout the day or night. Caretakers love the double wetness indicator on the outer layer. Patients appreciate the dual absorbent core and vapor permeable backsheet that prevents moisture from irritating the skin.

Help Your Mattress Remain Clean and Dry 
Whether you use the Afex male urinary incontinence system, the Seni™ briefs and guards, or a combination of these innovative supplies for advanced leak protection, an underpad on top of your mattress can further decrease the risk of moisture, strong odors, and stains from ruining your mattress or causing embarrassment. Our water-resistant Invacare® Gel Foam Mattress Overlay is a top-seller with its ability to remain in place and not move around the bed while providing high-end comfort with a full two inches of cradling gel. Moreover, our convoluted mattress pad can reduce the risk of pressure sores, bedsores, and decubitus ulcers with an egg crate design while giving you a softer more cushiony support for achy joints. Learn more about our extensive list of mattress protection items by filling out our contact form or calling us at (770) 425-7718.

Therefore, whether you are a serious athlete, an avid tennis or golf player, or interested in finding a better solution to keep dry for all day and night protection so you are ready for whatever life brings, the possibility of going long periods of time without a nearby restroom does not have to keep you home with the #1 rated Afex system and your choice of Seni™ disposable briefs and bladder leak guards. Speak to our knowledgable staff or place your safe contact-free curbside pickup order at our store location at 11040 Crabapple Rd, Ste B in Roswell, Georgia by calling (770) 425-7718 to leave your incontinence leak and odor worries in the past!

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