Whether you have been injured or you are recovering from surgery, renting these medical items can have a huge impact on your path to restored health, mobility, and independence. Take a closer look at how temporary support can go a long way to speed your recovery while enabling you to keep up with your daily activities. Then, find out how safe and effortless it is for Georgia residents to reserve their medical equipment at Northside Medical Supply.

A physician and nurse are checking a person's wrapped knee.
  1. Power Scooters
    When you fear being left behind at the hotel in your travels with the family due to your injury or recent surgery, power scooters could be the solution you’ve been seeking! With powered scooters, you can maneuver through crowds, shopping malls, or around the neighborhood with ease. Stay comfortable and in control with our power scooter rentals at Northside Medical Supply!
  2. Manual Wheelchairs
    For home use and increased portability, manual wheelchairs can be just what the doctor ordered! Rest is a significant part of most surgical procedures and injury repairs. However, this can be tough to adhere to when you are unable to meet your responsibilities and your daily activities are falling by the wayside. Therefore, for emergency, short distances, or temporary use, manual wheelchair rentals can mean the difference between risking further injury or getting the rest you need to heal while also staying mobile. The two large wheels enable users to stay independent as they propel themselves without assistance. Plus, these devices allow more stability than scooters for those in need of added support. Be sure to ask about our swing-away or elevated footrest options for added comfort.
  3. Transfer Chairs
    If it’s a lightweight means of transport you need for tight spaces or nearby distances, transfer chairs are optimal. Unlike the manual wheelchairs that include two larger wheels for self-propelling options, transfer chairs can only be moved with some help from another person. The benefit is they are made with lighter materials, such as smaller wheels, and can be lifted into a vehicle easier for transportation. Also, transfer chairs are more narrow and are more likely to fit through tighter spaces like narrow doorways.
  4. Walkers & Rollators 
    For those able to walk who simply need a little added support, there is no need to rely on railings when you can take the railings with you wherever you go! If you are experiencing a mild to moderate amount of pain when walking, our walkers and rollators can give you the support you need to stay on the move. Which one is right for you depends on your balance and the intended use.

    What’s the difference? Predominantly, it comes down to the number of wheels. Walkers generally have at least two stable legs that do not contain wheels. This means the user will need to pick up the walker with each step to move the item forward. With walkers, there is more stability for better support as the device cannot be moved without lifting it up first. 

    Rollators, on the other hand, have wheels on each leg to propel forward without much force and a hand brake for control over stopping. They are primarily meant to support those individuals who need very light support and balance stability. In other words, where fall-risk patients may prefer walkers, those with a higher degree of balance may enjoy using rollators.
  5. Knee Scooters
    If it’s light support you seek for a foot or ankle injury or the recovery process following surgery, knee scooters are another popular item we rent at Northside Medical Supply. These devices come with four wheels and allow you to keep pace without skipping a beat! Knee scooters are extremely simple to pack in the car for family adventures or running errands. Moreover, they are additionally excellent tools to use for those who need to stay on their feet throughout the day while not applying pressure to the foot or ankle.  

Are You a Georgia Resident?
If so, medical equipment rentals may be the perfect excuse you need to check out our unique medical supply store located in historic Roswell. In addition to our rental equipment that can be picked up with our contactless curbside service, we offer all your favorite hospital-grade items that are often difficult to find other places. Also, our friendly and knowledgeable team is ready to assist you with questions about a product or placing your curbside order. Come see us at 11040 Crabapple Rd, Ste B in Roswell, Georgia or give us a call at (770) 425-7718 today!

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