How to Adjust to Living With an Ostomy Bag

An ostomy bag is designed to hold waste from the body. This means you will have to move around with the bag until you get healed. In some cases, you may adjust your lifestyle habits in order to have a better experience. Below are some of the things you can do to make living with an ostomy bag easier for you.

1. Familiarize Yourself With Ostomy Care

The first step is to learn how they work. Ask your doctor about best practices for wearing and changing ostomy bags and if they can do a demonstration for you. Your doctor may also advise you on the best foods for ostomy patients and the best skin care tips for maintaining healthy peristomal skin. If possible, join ostomy support groups, either online or in person, so you can learn from others who have experience in managing ostomies.

2. Establish a Routine

It is natural to feel restricted and uncomfortable while living with a colostomy bag, even on a temporary basis. One way to feel more in control and confident is to develop a consistent routine for changing and emptying your bag. Ideally, have specific times for bag changes and emptying, and also follow a skincare routine to prevent skin irritation. While at it, keep a supply of extra bags ready in case of any unexpected emergencies.

3. Don't Let It Stop You

At most, an ostomy bag is only a minor inconvenience that should not stop you from living your life as you used to before the bag. So, keep traveling or going on hikes, just like you would if you didn’t have the bag. Of course, you need to get your doctor’s go-ahead first and probably wear some supportive pouches and wraps while doing high-impact activities like playing football.

4. Experiment With Different Bags

Ostomy bags come in different shapes, colors, and sizes, and you can freely try out different bags as they all work the same way. So, if you find that your current bag is not comfortable, try buying a different brand or one made from a different material. You may also notice that some bags are ideal for some activities and not necessarily for others. For instance, a one-piece bag may be suitable for daily wear, while a sport-specific pouch may serve you better in a football game.

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