These essential COVID-19 items will help kids and teachers stay safe and engaged in learning both at home or on school campus during fall’s back-to-school days. Supplies like face masks, face shields, hand sanitizer, gloves, or antimicrobial wipes and soaps are part of the “new normal” for every student, parent, teacher, and staff member. Fortunately, we carry everything on your COVID-19 supply list with a FREE curbside pickup service to further prevent the transmission of this disease in one convenient Roswell store location!

3 Cheers for No-Touch Thermometers!
Has there ever been a better time to invest in your own no-contact infrared thermometers? With our Jumper thermometers, you’ll know in seconds if a fever is present using Jumper’s accurate easy-to-read display and auditory or visual warning system. This means students, faculty, coaches, and staff members will have peace-of-mind knowing no temperatures are present for in-school sessions and after school activities without risking contact with saliva. At home, monitoring temperatures is both safer and as easy as 1-2-3 with these fast-acting thermometers that give results you can trust. Area businesses and medical clinics also benefit from the rapid results and lack of contact required thereby protecting consumers and employees alike!

A woman helping her son get ready for school by wearing a surgical face mask

Cover That Cough With Your…Face Mask & Shield?
While our beloved teachers work feverishly to create catchy songs about ways to avoid spreading COVID-19, we will continue supporting their efforts by stocking our inventory with all the supplies they will be singing about like our four types of face coverings:

  1.  Cloth Wash & Reuse Face Masks – For those who are looking for the most comfortable cloth mask around and do not require the mask for medical purposes, find it here at Northside Medical Supply! Our exceptionally soft face masks are made with stretchy yarn fabrics that work to keep you cool during use. Plus, instead of loops that tug at your ears, these masks use an elastic headband to provide a more secure fit without the frustration or discomfort caused by ear loop styles. 
  2. 1 Use & Toss Surgical Face Masks – Everyone loves the simplicity of the lightweight surgical mask! This face mask is made with an inner and outer layer of non-woven material in a triple fold design to protect the wearer against many forms of harmful pathogens as well as reduce the risk of the spread of harmful pathogens from the wearer to others nearby. The elastic ear loops enable a secure fit for most teens and adults. To provide the best protection, follow the recommended guidelines for the proper use and disposal procedures. 
  3. KN95 Respirator Face Masks – Our in-stock KN95 face masks carry a CE certificate of Compliance and were made in an FDA-approved facility. Designed for high-risk personnel working closely with infected individuals, the CDC requests these face masks to be reserved for medical professionals. If you are a medical professional in need of protective coverings including face masks, face shields, shoe coverings, or clothing coverings, come to Northside Medical Supply! We maintain our full supply of the highest quality of medical products available on the market.
  4. Stop Here”, Germs! Face Shields – An added layer of protection, our clear face shields reduce the risk of germs reaching the wearer’s face or face mask. These shields fit most individuals and offer an anti-fog guard against pathogens. For best protection from all angles, use together with a securely fit face mask.

Scrub-a-Dub Away the Germs!
Have you searched high and low for quality antimicrobial products to use for keeping hands clean? Washing your hands and hard surfaces with the right techniques is critical in the effort to keep everyone safe from the spread of COVID-19 and other commonly transmitted infections. Plus, using our hand-sanitizers, wipes, soaps, and gloves can help make removing those germs from hands and commonly touched surfaces much easier! Call our friendly staff at (770) 425-7718 to learn more about our extensive selection of COVID-fighting solutions that are hard on germs yet gentle on skin. 

Therefore, give COVID a backseat to your student or teacher’s educational experience this school year with these top-quality essentials. Northside Medical Supply is your “Go-To” store for all your hard-to-find or hospital-grade medical supplies. We cultivate long-term relationships with the most highly touted brands to bring you the best selection of the products you want in-stock and ready for your complimentary no-contact curbside pickup. Give us a call to ask a question and place your order or stop by our store located at 11040 Crabapple Rd, Ste B in Roswell, GA today!

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