Searching for hand sanitizer, soaps, wipes, gloves, and other items to safeguard against coronavirus and other viral infections this season? We have the items you need to protect you, your loved ones, and your patients. Stop by our store location and find helpful preventative care and infection management supplies like these 10 items.

Hand Sanitizer
Stop the spread of germs by killing them within seconds with our hand sanitizers. These portable pumps are your first line of defense against viral infections when out and about in public. Plus, their compact size is perfect for quick-grab moments!

A parent giving a child hand sanitizer on a bench.

No-Rinse Body Wash
Speaking of body wash, we know water is not always accessible when you need it. For those who need a cleansing solution when water is unavailable, be sure to pick up our no-rinse body wash. This item is great for camping, surgeries, and more!

Antimicrobial, sensitive, sting-free, alcohol-based, or alcohol-free, we have the wipes you want to keep surfaces or your skin clean and prevent contamination. Such products are especially important to use if you have an open wound, catheter, or low immune system. Don’t let the germs win! Stock up on your sanitizing and disinfecting skincare solutions at our store in Roswell, Georgia today!

Besides the sanitizer gels and foams, antibacterial soaps, and wipes, you can also find other helpful products that reduce the risk of illness in the health and wellness section of our store, like oxide protectant, dermal wound cleanser, and antimicrobial sprays. These sprays are easy to use and powerful agents for illness prevention. Get the top brands conveniently located in one store!

When cleaning or caring for others, gloves are often advised as an additional means of bacterial and viral protection. Sometimes, finding the right style of medically protective gloves for your job, household, or personal care can be difficult. We make it easy! Save our location in your favorites on your phone for quick access to all your hard-to-find medical supplies.

Barrier Creams and Healing Lotions
With all washing, spraying, and wiping you do to protect your skin and wounds, many experience dryness or cracking of the skin, particularly in colder climates, strong winds, or on hot sunny days. For the ultimate skin protection from such symptoms, shop our skincare section for creams and lotions that are designed to soothe, restore, and heal your skin. Need assistance deciding which to choose? Ask our friendly knowledgable staff about any of the products we sell to see which are right for your personal or professional medical supply needs.

Nebulizers and Inhalers
For those with respiratory concerns, we carry a full stock of nebulizers and accessories for all ages. Check out our complete portable travel kit with everything you need to find relief on-the-go, reduce the chance of harmful emissions with our Ombra 120V Table Top Nebulizer Compressor System by Monaghan Medical, or pick up a HealthSmart™ Kids Margo Moo™ Steam Inhaler designed specifically for children to be used with respiratory illnesses.

Shoe Covers
Looking for shoe covers? Those working in a hospital or medical clinic or caregivers who are in contact with those with low immune system concerns may be trying to find shoe covers to prevent many of the harmful germs from being carried around on their shoes. We aim to provide the most trusted brands of medical supplies that protect and enhance the lives of consumers from diabetic shoes and shoe covers to hospital-grade skincare products and ostomy bags. Whatever medical products you are searching for start with us. If we don’t have it, we will most likely be able to order it with fast shipping times!

Medical Aprons
Like shoe covers, medical aprons are a proactive way to prevent one’s clothes from transporting germs to and from a sterile environment. We carry lightweight, midweight, and heavy disposable aprons. Cost-efficient and latex-free, these items are a must-have for optimum prevention measures. 

In short, when it comes to safeguarding yourself, your loved ones, or your patients, browse our extensive selection of preventative care products. We are located at 11040 Crabapple Rd, Ste B in Roswell, GA, and we have the hand sanitizer, soaps, wipes, sprays, lotions, and more that you need to stay healthy and reduce your risk of contamination. At Northside Medical Supply, we specialize in locating quality items you can trust so you can rest easy knowing one stop is all you need!

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