Does Medicare Cover Diabetic Shoes?

Diabetic patients are prone to foot conditions caused by improper blood circulation. For this reason, they require special shoes for their mobility needs and to improve their comfort level. These orthopedic shoes facilitate mobility by correcting foot conditions and alleviating associated symptoms. A healthcare professional may recommend diabetic shoes to patients with mobility concerns. The only issue is that these shoes can be beyond the reach of many as far as the price is concerned. So, does Medicare pay for diabetic shoes? Let’s find out.

Will Medicare Pay for Special Shoes?

Medicare has four different coverage plans: Part A, B, C, and D. Medicare can help pay for diabetic shoes and inserts under the Part B or Part C coverage plan. However, patients must meet stringent requirements. First, your healthcare provider must be an enrolled member of Medicare. Under Part B, patients must pay a 20 percent deductible of the required Medicare amount for the insurance program to cover diabetic shoes.

Does Medicare Cover Diabetic Shoes Under the Advantage Plans?

Medicare approves various private insurance companies to provide health coverage to individuals through Advantage Plans (Plan C). These insurers offer Medicare benefits covered by Part A and B via a bundled plan. It can cover diabetic shoes since Plan B already has this coverage option. However, patients must meet various eligibility requirements for Medicare to pay for diabetic shoes.

How Often Will Medicare Pay for Diabetic Shoes

The Part B coverage pays for one pair of customized shoes and inserts each calendar year. This coverage means you will only receive one pair of special shoes paid for by Medicare. The program also covers one extra-depth shoe if your healthcare provider or supplier remains enrolled in Medicare.

Medicare also pays for two additional inserts for your diabetic shoes and three other inserts for an extra-depth shoe each calendar year. If you need additional inserts or want to replace your diabetic shoes before the calendar year ends, the health insurance program will cover shoe modifications instead.

Looking for a Diabetic Shoe Supplier?

If you have diabetes, do not hesitate to contact Northside Medical Supply for assistance. We offer quality diabetic shoes in Roswell and beyond to help improve your comfort level and restore mobility. One of the brands of shoes that Northside Medical Supply stocks is Orthofeet. These shoes are comfortable and can help you manage foot problems while also improving posture. Call us today to speak to our representatives.

Diabetic shoes are covered by Medicare ONLY if the patients has a documented history of One or more of the following

  1. History of previous foot ulceration on either foot or
  2. History of pre-ulcerative callus or either foot, or
  3. peripheral neuropathy with evidence of callus formation of either foot ( BOTH MUST BE PRESENT)
  4. Food deformity of either foot
  5. Poor Circulation in either foot, or
  6. History of partial or complete amputation of either foot.

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