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Bath with grab bars for safety

5 Tips to Make Your Home More Handicap Accessible

If a recent injury or surgery has reduced your mobility or balance, your home or office can suddenly seem unsafe with crowded hallways and slippery hard surfaces. The good news is these small handicap accessible changes can make getting around safer and more enjoyable for all.  In the HallwayWhile hallway tables, shelves, and cabinets are convenient for storing items or organizing a collection of shoes and umbrellas, cluttered hallways can make entering or passing through the home a variable obstacle course for wheelchairs. One way to reduce the stress of trying to safely get around the house while using mobility aids is to clear out

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A mom is sitting on the floor of a bathroom with her toddler

7 Essential Safety Items Parents of Young Children Should Own

Once you have children, your home can suddenly seem like a house of hazards instead of the safe environment in which you want to raise a family. But, don’t stress. Your hard surfaces and dangerous products are no match for these products that can prevent accidents and give you the relaxing vibe you need to focus on cherishing each moment of this precious time in your life. 1. Two Words – Non-Slip SocksHave a shoes-off rule in your home? When worn outside, shoes can track dirt, germs, and allergens throughout the home creating more cleaning work for Mom and Dad. The downside of leaving your

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A person walking down wood steps with toys on the steps.

Apply These Fall Prevention Tips in Your Home

Serious injuries from falls occur daily that are preventable with the right tools. A fall can happen at any age for a multitude of reasons, such as a melted ice cube on the tile in the kitchen causing the surface to become slippery. Since falling is the leading cause of traumatic brain injury and hip fractures, be sure to take these small steps to safeguard yourself, your patients, and your loved ones of all ages in your home or clinic. Hard Surfaces and StairsIn keeping with the melted ice cube on the tiled floor scenario, perhaps it is best to start with those hard surfaces

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A woman in bed with a bed railing on the side

Bed Railings You can Find at Northside Medical Supply

At Northside Medical Supply in Roswell, Georgia, we carry a large selection of bath and safety equipment, such as our safe, sturdy, and attractive bed railings. Our hospital-quality bed railings may be used to prevent falls as well as offer support and stability for standing. Whether traveling or staying home, we have the safety gear you can trust for accident prevention like these top-selling models. Stander’s EZ Adjust Bed RailOne of our best selling bed fall prevention items, this EZ Adjust Bed Rail comes with all you need to get a good night’s rest without the fear of falling out of bed when extended to

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A doctor is bandaging a boy's wrist

Where to Buy Medical Supplies in Roswell, Georgia

Are you looking for where to shop in Roswell, Georgia for medical supply items to care for yourself or a loved one, present as a gift for a medical school graduate, or set up your hospital or medical practice with top quality “must-haves”? From the best in hygiene and wound care products to the hottest sellers in mobility devices, Northside Medical Supply has you covered. We search for the best in healthcare and home care products so you can find it all in one convenient location. Read on to learn more about some of the extensive list of items you will find at Northside Medical

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