At Northside Medical Supply in Roswell, Georgia, we carry a large selection of bath and safety equipment, such as our safe, sturdy, and attractive bed railings. Our hospital-quality bed railings may be used to prevent falls as well as offer support and stability for standing. Whether traveling or staying home, we have the safety gear you can trust for accident prevention like these top-selling models.

A woman in bed with a bed railing on the side

Stander’s EZ Adjust Bed Rail
One of our best selling bed fall prevention items, this EZ Adjust Bed Rail comes with all you need to get a good night’s rest without the fear of falling out of bed when extended to full length. With this level of coverage, you or your loved one will remain safely protected from tossing and turning over the side of the bed. For added stabilizing support related to standing or sitting, this railing can be also set at half-length at the push of a button. This length allows plenty of room for sitting on the edge of the bed. When guests visit or the railing is not being used, it may be easily folded downward out of the way. 

Two additional reasons consumers love this railing besides the adjustable lengths and the hide-away feature is the low profile aesthetics to blend with any room decor and its convenient four-pocket organizer. Our shoppers love this pouch that keeps your favorite book, reading glasses, wipes, tissues, and more accessible without having to get out of bed. This organizer plus the ease-of-use, quick installation, subtle blending design, and product flexibility to meet an array of safety needs makes the EZ Adjust railing one item you will want to keep handy for your toddler, special needs, senior care, and more! 

Pivoting Railing With Padded Bumper
If you own a taller pillow-top mattress, you may enjoy our popular 30″ Pivoting Bed Rail that comes with our without a pouch accessory. This reversible railing moves with you to gently provide stability when you need it the most as you get into or out of bed. At 23″, and it is an excellent choice for both tall and adjustable mattresses! Notable safety features include a bumper and double straps for peace-of-mind. Plus, with a 30″ width, this railing offers an optional organizer with eight pockets that will prevent entrapments while keeping all your bedside necessities close by.  

Adjustable Bedside Assistant
Sometimes instead of a guardrail, all you need is a sturdy handle for a little steadying. Our Adjustable Bedside Assistant offers a gold anodized aluminum tubing with a nonslip soft foam grip surface to give you a strong supportive grab handle. With the ability to adjust the height without removal and no tools required assembly, this item is the ultimate beside handle! Visit our store to explore our selection of bedside handlebars to find the color, grip, or added features that are right for you.

Drive Bed Side Helper
For patient transport purposes, we stock options such as the Drive Bed Side Helper bed railing. This railing stands on the floor for quick install and removal with bedside transport needs. As a bonus, the floor-based design enables the bed comforters and blankets to drape naturally for a more finished look. 

Advantage Traveler Bed Rail
Bring the comfort of a bed railing to prevent falls and bed-related injuries with you as you travel with this helpful portable item. The Advantage Traveler Bed Rail weighs a mere seven pounds, requires no tools to assemble, and folds to make transporting a breeze. It even folds small enough to fit into a suitcase!

This railing boasts a cushioned foam grip, safety strap, and four-pocket organizer for convenient storage and entrapment prevention. Best of all, it stands 22″ high to accommodate adjustable or tall mattresses at the hotel, hospital, or loved one’s guest room. Don’t let the fear of falling hold you back from seeing your loved ones or touring distant shores. Come to our Northside Medical Supply store to find all you need to feel confident and secure in your great adventures.

Therefore, when looking for the perfect bed railing or other safety equipment for your home, hospital, or travel needs, we have the leading brands and quality models you can trust to give you the protection you need. Discover these five railings and more when you stop by our store located at 11040 Crabapple Rd, Ste B in Roswell, Georgia. We look forward to helping you find the products that will best prevent falls and injuries to keep you, your patients, and your loved ones safe, comfortable, and worry-free!

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