4 Benefits of Using a Nebulizer Machine

Have you been diagnosed with respiratory illnesses like asthma, pulmonary fibrosis, or pneumonia? If the answer is yes, then there is a good chance that your doctor has, or will, discuss using a nebulizer machine and why it would be more effective than your current course of treatment. But the real questions are, what exactly is a nebulizer and what are the advantages What Is A Nebulizer Machine?Have you ever had a respiratory illness that makes it hard to breathe? A nebulizer is an electrical device that takes liquid medicine and converts it into a medication mist. Your medication will be expelled in a steady

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Medical Equipment

What is the Most Important Medical Equipment?

The hospital must stock up on all the essential medical supplies to stay prepared for any situation that might arise or come through their door. For instance, there is a requirement for all the medical equipment for regular care. This includes everything from ECG machines to thermometers. Every critical piece of medical equipment must be ready for any crucial situation to take complete care of the patient. One can look for a store for medical supplies nearby to make purchases of all the essential items and keep a stock of them. Given how useful the medical equipment is in a regular setting, purchasing the equipment

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Medical Supply or Equipment

What is an Example of a Medical Supply or Equipment?

As one gets released from the hospital, it becomes imperative to have the most comfortable and practical set up at home for a smoother transition. Mobility becomes vital for patients. One can simply search for Northside Medical Supply to find the essentials that are required for setting up a hospital-like setting right at their home. This provides a stress-free, convenient environment, eliminating any concerns about having to spend your time in a hospital. Upon doctor approval, you will be able to get all the care you need right at your home, making it easy for your family members to stay in touch with you while

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4 Benefits of Wearing Diabetic Shoes

Are you looking for a way to feel comfortable in your shoes again? Did you know that people with diabetes require special shoes? As the name suggests, diabetic shoes were explicitly designed for people with diabetes – to help address and improve the comfort level of their feet. Do you think you could benefit from diabetic shoes? If you are wondering how exactly diabetic shoes benefit you, here are four ways they will help improve your life – and your feet’s comfort level. It Helps Prevent CallusesThere are many ways that diabetic shoes help to increase the comfort of your feet. One of those ways

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6 Simple Ways To Improve Bathroom Safety For Seniors

Do you live with a senior family member? Do you have senior family members coming for a visit? Are you worried about how accessible and safe your bathroom is? As humans, we are all prone to accidents. Tripping, slipping, and stumbling, we have all been there and done that before. But, as we get older, we slowly become even more prone to accidents and getting hurt. So, the question remains, is there anything we can do to ensure our beloved elders are safe while using the restroom? Here are 6 Ways to Improve Bathroom Safety for Seniors (whether you are living with them or not).

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5 Ways to Keep Your Young Children Healthy as Flu Season Arrives

With flu season in full swing, all parents must do their best to keep their young ones safe and healthy. But that is not an easy task to do. First, young kids touch anything they can get their little hands-on, then they touch their faces and mouths.  Though sometimes tricky, Parents should ensure that their children wash their hands with soap and water often, helping to eliminate germs whenever possible.  But that is only half of it! There are many other ways parents can ensure their kids stay healthy this flu season! Staying up to date on vaccines. One way to ensure your child stays safe

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Red dinnerware

Helpful Dining Aids for Patients with Alzheimer’s

If your patient or loved one suffering from Alzheimer’s is experiencing a reduction in caloric intake due to a decreased appetite or loss of hand-eye coordination, getting a daily dose of healthy nutrition can be a real struggle. Fortunately, there are dining aids that can help stimulate the individual’s appetite while making coordination efforts easier for fewer spills and drops. From adaptive dinner plates to nosey cups, we will highlight the features that could make a dramatic difference at your next meal as well as where to find them in Roswell, Georgia. Nosey CupsDrinking from a cup can be a tricky process when you suffer

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Woman with a walking cane

Which Style of Walking Cane is Right for You?

There are a wide variety of reasons that a person may find it difficult to walk without additional support. Pain, injury, or mobility concerns as well as other medical conditions can result in a need for added stability from a walking cane when standing, sitting, or walking. As such times arise, this guide can help you discover the type of walking cane that is best for you. The right walking cane can provide excellent support and stability, making it a lot easier to get around while reducing discomfort or fear of falling. Also, walking canes are a breeze to store and use. However, with so many different types

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ME MediChoice skincare products

Hospital Grade Skincare is Now Available at Your Local Medical Supply Store

ME MediChoice® is a family-oriented company dedicated to creating skincare products for those with sensitivities and compromised skin. The products are trusted and preferred by hospitals and medical professionals as they contain high-quality ingredients that are effective yet gentle when contacting the skin. Discover more about these and all of the reasons the owners of Northside Medical Supply, a local medical supply company in Roswell, Georgia, suggest the ME MediChoice® brand for residents and visitors looking for the best skincare for all skin types. Healthy medical skin care products start with natural ingredients. The team at ME MediChoice® not only holds the strictest standards for their ingredients,

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