Significant muscle weakness due to ALS or other medical conditions can turn everyday tasks into a struggle. You may also notice more stiffness or discomfort and eating may become more challenging. If this sounds familiar, these seven tools can help! Achieve a higher degree of independence, comfort, and confidence with these supportive aids.

A man in a wheelchair is using a reacher in the kitchen.
  1. Mobility Devices
    Prevent fall risks and stay active with mobility aids. There are several mobility devices ranging from fashionable walking canes and hiking sticks that help you avoid tripping on uneven terrain to rollators, knee walkers, and upwalkers that provide a greater level of walking stability. When more support is required, wheelchairs and scooters can provide safer mobility that lets you keep up with the kids when outside the home as well as add an increased amount of support while moving around hard surfaces in the home. Best of all, there are many rental options available at Northside Medical Supply in Roswell, Georgia. Stop by our store and speak with our friendly and knowledgeable staff to learn more!
  2. Standing and Sitting Assistance
    Standing up can become too much of a strain for some ALS patients and sitting down can cause patients to lose balance. If you have experienced such issues, there are a number of quality bedside and bathtub railings made for applied pressure, standing poles, lift features for wheelchairs and seat cushions, elevated toilet seats, and bedside trapeze options available on the market. At Northside Medical Supply, we look forward to helping you find the right supportive devices and accessories that can give you more control and stability.
  3. Bed Railings for a Safer Night’s Rest
    If falling out of bed becomes a concern or if you would like to keep certain items within reach while in bed, there are many quality railings at Northside Medical Supply to suit your needs and preferences. For example, our 30-inch Pivoting Safety Bed Rail and our 24 to 42-inch EZ Adjust Bed Rail drop downward with ease to allow room to sit or stand. Plus, these items come with a padded multiple-pocket organizational accessory that keeps remotes, reading glasses, books, and more within reach. The 23-inch height allows for the perfect fall protection for most mattresses including your fluffiest pillows!
  4. Supportive Cushions
    Added muscle stiffness and sore pressure points from extended periods of sitting and lying down can find a foamy cloud of support with our medically supportive cushions. Top-quality bed wedges, leg positioners, seat and wheelchair cushions, and more can be found in our store or ordered for your comfort needs. We also stock the most recommended compression socks and supportive medical braces like Bauerfeind for wrapping a higher level of cushioned relief around your muscles, tendons, ligaments, and joints.
  5. Adaptive Dining Aids
    For those facing challenges with holding utensils, our adaptive dinnerware items offer extra padding on the cutlery for an easier grip. You can also purchase plates with a lip for a stopping point when scooping. Nosey cups have a section of the cup cut out to reduce the need for head tilting while drinking. Find it all at our local shop!
  6. Bathing Aids
    Nothing makes you feel more ready for the day like a fresh shower or bath and getting dressed. For more support in the bath, browse our large selection of bath safety items like seats, railings, grab bars, no-slip shower shoes, and handheld shower sprayers. These items can offer the supportive assistance you need while preventing hard falls and potential injuries.
  7. Reachers
    Lastly, something every household should own is a reacher for those items that fall between tight spaces or out of reach items. Our reachers are designed to work with minimal grip pressure and offer a more secure closure. This item is the family’s best friend for grasping items that are kept high up in your pantry, retrieving items under the bed, or picking up dropped socks between the washer and dryer. That’s right, your disappearing sock in the laundry mystery may have just been solved!

Why Buy These Items From Northside Medical Supply?
First, our medical supply store in the quaint town of historic Roswell is well-stocked with only the top brands and quality you can trust. Second, you will find our team is always ready to assist you with questions and related suggestions to help you find the items that best work for your medical, comfort, and lifestyle needs. Come see for yourself why our customers tell us they never knew shopping for medical supplies could be this fun until they visited Northside Medical Supply!

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