Convenience, knowledgeable staff members, and a quaint small-town vibe are a few benefits the residents of Roswell, Georgia enjoy while shopping locally. But, did you know supporting locally owned businesses can also build a foundation for a thriving community? Check out the top ways buying products from small businesses can make a big impact.

1) Discover Unique Finds
One of the most fun reasons to shop locally is the high chance of finding unique gift items and useful tools you never knew you needed before and now cannot imagine being without. Looking for these items is difficult online because of an overwhelming number of URLs to visit. Larger stores often have to carry the same items and brands in each store. As a result, local shops can offer the surprising items we all love to find that make shopping a truly enjoyable experience.

2) Feel Appreciated With Top-Notch Customer Service
Your patronage does not go unnoticed at local stores where the owner is frequently present and the small team is more willing to go the extra mile to gain an in-depth understanding of the products and services being offered for first-rate customer service. If you are searching for a place where you can feel appreciated as a customer, small businesses are known for providing a customized shopping experience that is hard to rival. This is especially the case when larger companies try to save money by relying heavily on technology and scaling back on human interaction.

A business owner is holding an open sign in the doorway.

3) Avoid Paying More for Larger Overhead Costs or Shipping Fees
If you think the bigger the business the better the savings, you may want to take a closer look at your local stores. Small businesses can offer competitive pricing because they do not pay as much overhead and their employees are fewer in number. Plus, by picking up your products locally in Roswell, you can save on shipping costs while reducing the carbon footprint of your order and save on the time it would normally take to ship the item to your home or office.

4) Ask the Experts Your Questions
Have you ever been frustrated with websites that do not offer a customer service phone number in a clear attempt to avoid spending time with customers? All you wanted to do was ask a question about a product before making a purchase. Instead, you are left to do your own research and hope you guess correctly regarding which product is right for you. On the other hand, local business owners are typically passionate about what they offer and they look forward to answering your questions as well as making other helpful suggestions. This way, you can be sure you are making the best choice for your needs.

5) Build Trust in Business Management
Imagine buying items from a store where your opinion is valued and a greeting from the owner is not only possible but likely. Local business owners and their employees have to work harder on expanding their business plans to include better service and constructive input from customers in order to stay open as they do not have a plethora of locations to offset lost business. Also, small businesses do not have the red tape larger businesses have in place to ensure all locations run the same way, which means ordering a related product that is not typically sold in that store could be as easy as making a simple request with your local shop.

6) Support Your Community’s Growth
Buying from local retail stores, service providers, and restaurants means your sales tax dollars are funding your Roswell community. First responders, street repairs, parks, and trash collection are just some of the examples of your sales tax at work in the area. Of course, with a safer and cleaner appearance, you are also helping your community attract more businesses and welcome new neighbors who will then contribute to the area’s growth and improvement as well.

7) Invest in Your Own Business and Career
Since the sales tax from local businesses is going back into the community, your business or career in the area is benefitting from those transactions. This is true whether you own, manage, or work for a business that is located in or nearby Roswell. Therefore, you are not only helping to support this beautiful historic area where you live or love to visit, but you are also investing in your own business or career opportunities each time you purchase your products and services from local businesses.

Therefore, the next time you need to buy an item or service, the above reasons are just a sample of how shopping locally can help promote growth and create opportunities within the Roswell, Georgia community as well as surrounding areas. Additionally, there are the obvious pros like the time-saving convenience and the ability to get an up-close look at what you are buying instead of hoping it’s the right size or matches the image and description. In other words, if you are looking for ways to enjoy your shopping more while helping your community grow, all it takes is a quick visit to your locally owned stores, restaurants, and service providers. We’ll see you there!

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