Find quality hospital-grade items that will keep patients and loved ones coping with incontinence and bedwetting concerns clean and dry throughout the day and night at Northside Medical Supply in Roswell, Georgia. We research brands to ensure we provide only the best items for our customers’ needs. As a result, you can rest easy in your purchase knowing you are providing the ultimate care and comfort like these items below.

Afex male urinary incontinence system

Afex® Incontinence Management System

One of our most popular items for men, the Afex® Incontinence Management System gives men struggling with urinary leaking the freedom to enjoy staying active during daily activities while remaining dry. The double-wall receptacle prevents skin irritation from urine backflow. This system may be used at night as well as during the day as an alternative to external catheters, adult diapers, and disposable pads. Included is a pair of 96% premium combed cotton boxer briefs available in sizes S to 3X-Large and additional XS and 4X-6X-Large sizes may be special ordered by calling us at (770) 425-7718. These flexible breathable briefs are accompanied by a high-style receptacle with a flexible top that moves with your body, a 16-ounce collection bag, a cleaning container, and four ounces of cleansing solution.

Also, we carry the larger 32-ounce collection bags and extra cleaning materials in our store for your convenience. Please note the manufacturer suggests the high-style system for more active patients and the low-style system for those patients who will remain seated or lying down. Call us or stop by to learn more about this kit that can keep men dry and protected from skin irritation. 


Ask us about the various types of catheters we carry. From intermittent catheters and male external to hydrophilic and closed system, we carry a wide range of options as well as accessories such as bags and cleaning supplies. If you are unsure of what you need, our trained staff has experience supplying items to hospitals and medical clinics and would be happy to assist you with your selection process. 

Ostomy & Urostomy Items

We stock our inventory with hard-to-find medical supplies like ostomy and urostomy pouches and accessories. While in the store, be sure to pick up barrier creams, bag liners, skin wipes, and other helpful products that will sanitize, prevent odor, protect the surrounding skin, or generally speaking make life easier. Plus, our staff is ready to assist with suggestions for those who have questions.

Pull Up Briefs, Pads, and Panty Liners

For both genders as well as people of any age, we keep an array of trusted brands for all levels of leakage concern. Whether you are looking for pull up briefs, drip collectors, and adult diapers or pads and panty liners, we carry them all! Moreover, we have both disposable and reusable supplies ready for purchase when you need them. 


No one should have to wake up in a wet bed because of incontinence concerns. However, sometimes, leaks can occur. For hospitals and those experiencing leaks at night, we offer many products to put your mind at ease, such as placing soft underpads underneath the sheets to prevent the leaks from penetrating the mattress. You can go for Seni incontinence products. These products can save you several hundred to thousands of dollars by eliminating the need to replace your mattress.

Bedwetting Alarm

If the issue is persistent at night, a bedwetting alarm may be a useful tool in awakening the individual when leaking is occurring. This allows the person to finish urinating in the bathroom instead of fully wetting the bed. There are many types of bedwetting alarms, and we have collected those hospitals and physicians most commonly recommend.

Odor Eliminators

The fear of embarrassing odor is one problem that is typically associated with incontinence issues. Try our deodorizing sprays and cleansing supplies to reduce the risk of odor-causing build-up. We also hear patients say drinking lots of water will dilute the concentration of the urine thereby reducing the odor.

In short, while your patients or loved ones have varied reasons for and degrees of incontinence, there is one thing they all have in common. The medical supplies they need for the highest level of quality care is available at our store in Roswell, Georgia. Visit us at 11040 Crabapple Rd, Ste B or contact us using our website to learn more about our large selection of incontinence products and experience the difference of working with our caring and knowledgeable staff. See for yourself why our customers say they won’t go anywhere else for their medical supplies! 

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