While planning your holiday weekend getaways and relative stays, be sure you are prepared for whatever comes your way with these travel essentials! There are some items that should always be included in your packing and trip purchases. Find out which items made this list that you may be missing!

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  1. Safety First! 
    Staying safe from potentially harmful germs and preventing the sharing of those viruses with others in the community means keeping face masks, gloves, thermometers, and hand sanitizer on hand at all times. At Northside Medical Supply, we keep all products in stock and ready for quick no-contact curbside pickup that is available with each order! Plus, our personal protection travel kits come with many such items already included in a small package that is easy to store in any car, suitcase, or backpack. Just don’t forget everyone’s favorite hand lotion for all that hand washing!
  2. Comfortable Incontinence Supplies You can Trust!
    Not all incontinence products are alike. We carry the items like catheters, pads, and brands that hospitals recommend most such as Seni and Afex. Seni is trusted by millions for protection against leaks and odors without causing irritation to delicate skin. The Afex male incontinence system is the leading incontinence brand for men and offers the most comfortable and empowering system on the market. Don’t let the fear of leaks and odor hold you back from experiencing life. Stop by our store or place your order by calling (770) 425-7718 today!
  3. Breathe Easier!
    If you have asthma, cystic fibrosis, COPD, or contract a respiratory illness, a nebulizer that turns liquid medication into a fine mist is a must-have! This particularly true during a pandemic where COVID-19 is a respiratory illness. But, while on a road trip, it may be difficult and bulky to lug around your nebulizer. That’s why we carry a variety of options, including a popular portable sized version that is in stock and waiting for pick-up!
  4. Protective Comfort for Your Feet!  
    Sore cracked feet can bring discomfort and become infected, which can put a damper on holiday activities. A properly fit pair of fashionable diabetic shoes and some snuggly soft compression socks to the rescue! Pamper your feet and legs by browsing our large selection in our store. For holiday adventures, gift shopping, or running errands, our cushioned diabetic shoes and supportive socks can let you focus on the excitement of the season and keeping up with the family while at home or on-the-go! 
  5. Portable Stability at the Ready! 
    Did you know the World Health Organization reports there are 37.3 million falls require medical attention each year? Ouch! For better balance on uneven surfaces and hard surfaces where falls are most common, our foldable cane will offer sturdy support without getting in the way when not-in-use. Come and shop our extensive collection of the latest mobility devices with a full range of useful features to meet your needs and your budget!
  6. Socks That Keep You on Your Feet!
    Speaking of fall prevention, something the whole family can use to stay upright and enjoying anything the day or evening brings is a pair of our no-slip socks. These soft socks have a grip pattern underneath that will grip hard floors without having to put on shoes. Particularly perfect snuggling up by the fire for family game night or binge-watching your favorite tv series with some hot cocoa, no-slip socks will add the additional grip without interrupting the cozy factor!
  7. Top-Recommended Ostomy Supplies
    If you require ostomy supplies, it can be difficult to find the right items for your needs. Avoid leaks, odors, and irritation with our many styles from the best brands available. One-piece, two-piece, closed, or drainable, you will find it all here at Northside Medical Supply. We believe in providing the highest level of product to our patrons, which is why we do all the research for you so your shopping experience with us can be a relaxed and enjoyable one. Also, if you have questions, please speak with our friendly and knowledgeable staff who look forward to helping you.

Therefore, before you pack up for your holiday escape, stop by Northside Medical Supply in Roswell, Georgia for the preventative, supportive, and comforting items you need to keep time with loved ones the main attraction of the season. We are located at 11040 Crabapple Road in Suite B near our charming historical district in downtown Roswell. Call ahead or come on in. We can’t wait to help you find items to stay healthy and happy all year round!

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