Once you have children, your home can suddenly seem like a house of hazards instead of the safe environment in which you want to raise a family. But, don’t stress. Your hard surfaces and dangerous products are no match for these products that can prevent accidents and give you the relaxing vibe you need to focus on cherishing each moment of this precious time in your life.

1. Two Words – Non-Slip Socks
Have a shoes-off rule in your home? When worn outside, shoes can track dirt, germs, and allergens throughout the home creating more cleaning work for Mom and Dad. The downside of leaving your shoes at the door is you could slip and fall in most socks, which could result in injuries. Thankfully, there is no reason to fear trips and slips on hard floors in and around your home when your young children are wearing non-slip socks and shower “shoes”. The added grip surface will provide extra traction on even the slipperiest of floors, like poolside and wet bathrooms or when the ice that fell from the dispenser melts on the kitchen tile. But, the best part about these safety items is how cozy and comfy they feel after the family kicks off their shoes and settles in for some around home fun.

A mom is sitting on the floor of a bathroom with her toddler

2. Place a Bath Mat in the Tub
Are you tired of trying to lift your child to a standing position only to hurt your back because he or she is slipping on the tub floor? If you’re not a big fan of shower shoes, bath mats are the next best thing. These mats are specially designed to provide added traction on bare feet making bath time more enjoyable, carefree, and easier on Mom.

3. Install a Grab Bar
Another way to stand up without falling, especially while entering and exiting the bath is to install a grab bar. These bars are a breeze to add and provide more autonomy for your child’s growing need for independence, not to mention a boost of self-confidence in being able to climb into and out of the tub easier.

4. Use a Tub Rail
An alternative for or in addition to the grab bar, the tub rail allows young children to feel the freedom that comes from being able to safely crawl over the tub side and into or out of the tub. As a bonus, the same safety still applies when older children and adults use the railing, though admittedly it’s not nearly as exciting and new.

5. A Caretaker’s Best Friend – Extension Shower Head
If reaching your child with the water is a safety issue because the child is having to lean over resulting in a loss of balance, try using an extension shower head. Flexible and able to reach the back of the tub, extension shower heads are an easy solution to the question of how to get all the shampoo out without having to lean forward or chase your young child around the tub.

6. Bed Railings
Does your child move around a lot in his or her toddler bed or big girl/boy bed? Bed railings can help parents get a more restful night’s sleep without worrying about young children falling out of bed. Available in partial length or full mattress length, bed railings snug up to the mattress and a mesh or cloth covering prevents children from getting caught in between the supports. Some fold away for guest use and many offer added stability support for getting into and out of bed. Ask about organizers to hold books to help prepare for nighttime rest, stuffed animals to battle the monster in the closet, or water bottles for those “Mommy, I’m thirsty” excuses to stay up!

7. Put it Out of Reach with a Reacher
Does your child like to climb, open cabinets, and generally explore? For most people, keeping harsh chemicals, sharp objects, and treats out of reach can be a real hassle. With a reacher, lighter high-up items can be brought down from higher spaces and put back up without having to grab the step stool. Plus, the reacher is the perfect tool for adults with balance concerns!

Find Them All in One Place!
We’ve shared some of our top safety trends for parents of young children. These tools offer extra stability in the most hazardous areas of the home without a lot of effort or hard-to-follow instructions. Find them all at Medical Supply Store nearby, along with hundreds of top brand medical devices and unique finds. If you are in the Roswell, Georgia area, be sure to stop by today and speak with our friendly and knowledgeable team. At Northside Medical Supply, we’re here for you!

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