With flu season in full swing, all parents must do their best to keep their young ones safe and healthy. But that is not an easy task to do. First, young kids touch anything they can get their little hands-on, then they touch their faces and mouths. 

Though sometimes tricky, Parents should ensure that their children wash their hands with soap and water often, helping to eliminate germs whenever possible. 

But that is only half of it! There are many other ways parents can ensure their kids stay healthy this flu season!

Staying up to date on vaccines. 
One way to ensure your child stays safe during this flu season is to ensure that they are always up-to-date with their vaccines. Vaccines can help your child’s body create antibodies that will help fight off harmful diseases and infections. Not to mention it doesn’t just protect your child. It also helps protect everyone who comes in contact with them.

Taking them to the doctor for check-ups & physicals, as well as getting their annual flu shot and other vaccines, will help them stay healthy and happy in the long run. It will also minimize your stress as parents and worry about what your child is exposed to on a daily basis.

Take preventative actions.
Taking preventative measures to keep your children healthy this flu season is critical. But this does not mean staying home and not interacting with others. However, it does mean being mindful when you go out in public. 

In crowded public areas, people cough, talk and spread germs quickly, and children touch everything. So, if you can’t avoid crowds, it is important to be mindful about what you handle with your hands and sanitize often. It is also important to practice care for yourself, helping protect yourself and others around you to stay healthy.

Minimize stress and give your kids plenty of downtime
Everyone hates being in stressful situations, and since covid-19, just the hint of someone getting sick can cause a stressful situation, even if it is just allergies. But Did you know that stress can negatively impact a person’s immune system & physical health?

When a child is exposed to high-stress levels, they are more prone to getting sick because their immune system’s effectiveness is hindered by cortisol (the stress hormone). This leaves your child open to catching the flu this season or whatever else is floating around.

An easy way to help ensure your child stays as healthy as possible is to minimize stressful situations. Give your child plenty of downtime to play, be a kid, and get that serotonin flowing through their system. It will help in the long run! 

Let them get fresh air
Do you remember being sick when you were younger, staying home all day, and somehow feeling worse? Can you remember your mom saying, “maybe you just need some fresh air!” and you feel a little bit better a few minutes after getting outside? 

Another way to help your child stay healthy this flu season is to get fresh air as often as the weather allows. Staying inside a stuffy house all the time is not suitable for anyone’s immune system, especially a young child. 

Yes, your home is clean and safe from outside germs. But staying active and breathing fresh air is vital to ensure your immune system stays healthy and strong. 

If you stay up to date on your vaccines, stay away from crowds (or practice care), and sanitize often, fresh air can only help. Encourage your kids to go outside and play! The fresh air and the exercise will benefit them in the long run!

Ask house guests to wash their hands and practice care
With the recent pandemic and the holidays right around the corner, family members will be arriving in town soon for gatherings. Unfortunately, bringing with them their germs. So how can you help your child stay healthy during the holiday season? 

Whether you celebrate at home or go to someone else’s house, do not be afraid to ask your loved ones to practice care and wash their hands.

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