Come to our medical supply store in Roswell, Georgia where you can find your wound, rehabilitation, home, medical clinic, and surgical care items as well as these five items you might not expect. From dining sets for people with Dementia and Alzheimer’s to stylish diabetic footwear, we keep our shelves stocked with quality products you’ll love! Read on to explore more about five of our top-selling hard-to-find products we carry in our store.

Alzheimer’s Dinnerware
If your loved one struggles with weight loss as a result of having Alzheimer’s disease, he or she is not alone. Among a myriad of reasons including but not limited to a lack of exercise, certain medication side effects, and poorly fitted dentures, studies have shown a reduction in smell and taste can decrease one’s appetite. The good news is a bright-colored change in your dinnerware can help. Patients with Alzheimer’s have been shown to eat more when brightly colored plates, cups, bowls, and utensils are used. Red, in particular, seems to be the top preferred color. Also, the use of non-slip plates and bowls plus easier to hold utensils and cups are additional dining tips for Alzheimer’s patients. Come to our store to learn more about dinnerware that could improve your loved one’s appetite and dining experience. 

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Fashion Footwear for Diabetics
The majority of people with diabetes experience thinning skin, nerve damage or a loss in blood circulation in their feet that can lead to slow-healing cuts and sores. Sometimes, it can be hard to notice the open wound until it has become more problematic. But, trying to find stylish shoes that are made to reduce these issues can be hard to find. At Northside Medical Supply, you will find a wide selection of the podiatrist-recommended fashionable and cushioning orthopedic footwear from Orthofeet that was specially designed to offer better orthotic support, improve blood circulation, avoid skin irritation, and protect your feet from knicks and rubbing sores.

Nebulizers and Accessories
When you, your child or another loved one first receives a prescription for a nebulizer, it can be difficult to know where to find one nearby. At Northside Medical Supply, we understand how frightening and stressful this time can be. That’s why our convenient store location in Roswell, Georgia has the nebulizers and accessories you need to start breathing more comfortably.

Bath Safety Products 
The bathroom is often considered the most dangerous room in the home. With slippery hard surfaces all around the room, it is easy to see why. Take steps to avoid slips and injuries before they happen with bath safety products like our sturdy wall handles, extended shower head holder, raised toilet seats, rust-resistant shower seats, bath steps, shower shoes, tub railings, and more. If you are a new parent, have been experiencing balance concerns, or are simply concerned about fractures and other injuries that frequently result from falls in the bathroom, don’t wait until an accident happens to add the equipment you need for added stability. A quick trip to our store can help you acquire the safety items you need to feel more confident and secure.

Bath Transfer Products 
Speaking of railings and safety in the bath, we also offer a line of products that help you move from one station of the bathroom to the next. For example, our transfer benches will afford you the chance to move your loved one into and out of the tub with less effort and more stability. Transport chairs will move around tight spaces easier than a wheelchair to allow caretakers to move patients from station to station. On that note, our walkers will steady patients to go from the sink to the tub without falling and our toilet seat railings will enable your loved one to sit and stand in a controlled manner. 

Therefore, as you can see from the above items, there are some products big box stores do not typically carry that can have a huge impact on our everyday lives and significantly improve our quality of life. Whether you are a new parent looking for safety products or you have a loved one in need of life-enhancing products like altered dinnerware for Alzheimer’s patients, quality nebulizers, diabetic shoes, mobility, and transport devices, and safety items that are not typically found in other stores, stop by our location at 11040 Crabapple Rd, Ste B in Roswell, Georgia or call us at (800) 278-0227 to see how we are helping people with similar care needs to live better and be able to do more.

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