Unless you are a professional athlete, you may not have heard about Bauerfeind medical braces. But, once you try them for your joint support, surgery recovery, and arthritis, you will never want to go back to standard medical braces. Why? We’ll give you five excellent reasons.

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  1. Superior Quality
    Perhaps the primary reason the Bauerfeind medical braces are so incredibly worth the extra ordering time and expense is the fact that they are manufactured by a family-owned business. This means every stitch and detail is carefully examined and has to pass the family approval before the item can be marked as complete. If you have purchased joint braces that were hanging on a hook in a big box store for your supportive device in the past, you will notice this material and construction quality difference right away!
  2. German Technology
    Such a huge difference in quality is, in part at least, due to its German engineering and technology. Proven to be tested and preferred by athletes around the world, these medical-grade compression braces can outlast standard supports while instantly offering significant pain relief. Best of all, this device is made for people with all skin types, even the most sensitive skin with its moisture-wicking fabric, and it is built for flexibility to bend with you as you move so your life doesn’t have to stop just because of joint pain or arthritis. Plus, you can throw it in the wash and not worry about it losing its shape. 
  3. Custom Fit
    Then, there is the way it feels when worn. Unlike ordinary support braces, the Bauerfeind products will hug every curve as if they were made just for you because…well, they were! No more struggling to put them on, keep them in place, or purchase additional sizes and styles hoping one will give you just the right amount of movement restriction, compression, and comfort. When placing your order, you follow the manufacturer’s instructions for measurements to ensure this product is the only medical support brace you’ll need or want!
  4. Officially Licensed Knee Brace for the NBA
    This brand so phenomenal, it has earned the prestigious title manufacturing the officially licensed knee brace for the NBA! Imagine what a support brace must be able to do in order to stand out for reducing pain and offering stability in this high-impact sport where jumping, darting, twisting, and sprinting are the most common movements. Knee injuries, elbow strains, ankle sprains, and other injuries are common. However, stopping the clock on the season to rest and heal is not an option. To keep athletes on the move at this level, expectations are high for pain relief and properly fitted medical brace support and Bauerfeind met them all with ease!
  5. What Consumers are Saying
    Not yet convinced these are the best medical braces on the market? You can scroll through several hundreds of 5-star reviews on Bauerfeind’s website to read how consumers have selected this brand over any other brand time and time again. People of all ages are thrilled with the stability, flexibility, circulation improvement, and form-fitting comfort! From those involved in high-impact sports to those requiring basic support during newly introduced low-impact workout routines following surgical procedures, Bauerfeind has a product designed to fit your needs.

    But, don’t take our word for it. Read the customer reviews in their own words. Here are just a few of the most recent comments you’ll find on the manufacturer’s website that mirror the claims we frequently hear in our store:


Review for Bauerfind Knee Brace
Review for Bauerfind Knee Brace
Review for Bauerfind Knee Brace

What are the Best Sellers?
Bauerfeind medical compression supports can be custom-made to fit many areas of your body, including your back, elbow, upper and lower leg areas, arms, ankles, and more. However, we would have to say the most popular models we sell are the OmoTrain shoulder braces and the GenuTrain knee braces. Please contact our friendly and knowledgeable staff at (770) 425-7718 to learn more about which model is best for you and how to obtain the measurements needed for that perfect fit. Then, after your custom items have arrived in our conveniently located store, you can either come into the store to browse more of our high-quality medical supplies or enjoy our complimentary contactless pickup service! 

It’s easy to see why consumers rave about the performance of Bauerfeind medical braces over the competition. Now, you can enjoy that same pain relief and quality by placing your order at our store located in historic Roswell, Georgia. We can’t wait to help you find the best supplies available for all your medical needs!

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