Whether you have been recently diagnosed with diabetes or this is a disease you have been battling for years, these 5 products can help relieve symptoms and stay informed about your blood sugar levels wherever you roam. Plus, they’re a breeze to find! Simply walk into your local medical supply store and stock up on these quick-purchase items that can help you take more control over your health.

1. Accurate Blood Glucose Meters

The first thing your doctor will likely ask you to do is check your blood glucose levels on a regular basis. How frequently should come from your treatment plan you make with your physician at your next appointment. However, it is impertaive the device you use to read those blood glucose levels is both accurate and reliable in order to detect significant changes and ensure your blood sugar is within a normal range. Otherwise, current symptoms could increase and new more serious medical conditions could be created as a result of inaccurate readings. This is true whether you eat healthy and exercise or you have cheat days. Once you have been diagnosed with diabetes, it is crucial to consistently monitor your blood sugar. Therefore, if you are new to testing your blood sugar levels, it may help to purchase a trusted brand of monitor or buy two to compare the results with your physician.

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2. Meter Organizers

Once you have a blood glucose meter you believe to be accurate and reliable, the next item you’ll need is an organizer to store your device and accessories for convenient storage, quick organized use, and portable travel purposes. Whether you are testing at home or on the go, this item is a must-have for keeping your testing strips, lancets, meters, and more. Some will even keep your insulin cool with a refreezable gel pack for hours, which means you can take a tour, hike a trail, ride in a plane, or enjoy time out on the lake or ocean without worry. Everything you need to stay updated on your latest readings along with your insulin and injector or diabetic pen can be kept in one waterproof and highly durable container with just the right amount and size of pockets to stay organized wherever you roam. With these organized grab-n-go pouches, you will always be ready for the next adventure.

3. Diabetic Nail Care Kit

Since diabetes can take a toll on your skin, foot bone structure, or nails, it is essential to have proper nail tools and a care routine that can help avoid creating cuts and sores. Try keeping your nails trimmed with sharp tools after washing and thoroughly drying your hands and feet, including in between your toes. Perhaps the best and gentlest way to keep your feet happy and healthy is to purchase a battery-powered diabetic nail care kit that includes different head for each care task. With your diabetic nail care kit, you can reduce overly thick toe nails, smooth calluses, and trim toenails as well as fingernails by simply changing the tool head with the appropriate accessory that is included with each kit. Now, you have the power to prevent damaged skin or cutting too much of the nail while reducing the thickness of your toenails or calluses. Each diabetic nail care kit comes with different heads to trim, shape, smooth, and finish your nail care routine with ease and without pain or discomfort.

4. Diabetic Loose Socks

Another way to protect your feet from harm is to wear loose diabetic socks. For example, we suggest the Euros Rx™ diabetic crew socks that offer a moisture management system to control bacterial growth and minimize odor. They also offer gentle arch support to soothe sore and achy feet, enhanced ankle support, and dual-tone technology for rapid detection of wounds. Whichever brand you select, be sure the socks are seamless and do not constrict against your skin to avoid any rubbing damage to your skin that could be difficult to repair or lead to other health concerns from bacterial growth or clotting issues.

5. Diabetic Shoes

In addition to loose-fitting seamless socks, your feet can receive protection from damage with fashionable diabetic shoes. From close-toed sandals and dress shoes, diabetic footwear is one of the best defenses against harm to your skin and nails while providing a higher level of comfort and support your feet and legs will appreciate.

Where to Buy Top Recommended Diabetic Supplies

If you live in the Roswell, Georgia area, come to Northside Medical Supply and ask about our extensive selection of the top brands for diabetic supplies like those we have listed above. We only carry the most trusted products available on the market, so you can enjoy a care-free shopping experience as you browse our showroom, request a compression or medical brace fitting, or discover the latest styles in diabetic footwear. Make Northside Medical Supply your one-stop shop for all of your medical supply needs.

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