After a surgical procedure, these medical supplies can aid in your recovery and help you get back to doing what you love. Best of all, they are more affordable than you might think! Get ready to be surprised at how a little support can go a long way towards better health.

1) Medical Binders
After surgery, your surgeon may suggest a medical binder, such as an abdominal binder following a cesarean section or a hernia belt. The purpose of the binder may be to relieve pain, prevent stitches from tearing thereby restricting the scar size, and, for plastic surgery procedures, support the shaping process. Although such items may be available for purchase at the medical clinic or hospital, you can often save money by purchasing such products before your procedure or immediately afterward at your local medical supply store, such as Northside Medical Supply in Roswell, Georgia.

2) Sock & Stockings Compression
In addition to medical binders that support your body during the recovery portion of your procedure, you may want to pick up some other compression-related items such as socks and stockings to assist with the healing process. Athletes, diabetics, and people with varicose veins often use compression socks or stockings to increase blood flow, reduce pressure, and give aching legs and feet some sweet relief! Brands to look for include Jobst®, SIGVARIS®, and, for feet that require a little extra room, Medicool’s DiaSox Plus. Remember to look for a nearby medical supply store that offers a fitting service to ensure you get the best level of support and product for your body and needs. Random purchases can lead to too much or too little compression, which may impede the desired results.

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3) Bauerfeind Medical Braces
Compression is important, but your joints require a special kind of support and no one makes better medical braces for all your bendable parts than Bauerfeind! These medical braces are used by elite athletes around the world for good reason. Start by getting properly measured at your local medical supply store that sells Bauerfeind products. Then, feel free to compare your average medical braces with the comfort, support, and perfect fit of the Bauerfeind brace. We’re betting you’ll become fast fans of this brand as well!

4) Mobility Devices to Rent or Own
Before a medical procedure that may impact your balance or ability to walk long distances, ask your physician about which mobility device(s) you should rent or purchase ahead of time from the medical supply store in your area. For smaller items, such as canes, crutches, walkers/upwalkers, rollators, and knee scooters, a purchase at a medical supply store can save you money and help you feel ready for your recovery before you go into your surgery. These products are also excellent for easy storage and fall into the category of medical supplies every household should keep in stock for those unforeseeable accidents. If you need a larger mobility device, including wheelchairs or powered scooters, your local medical supply store can help you determine the features you need and may have wheelchairs and transfer chairs available for rent. At Northside Medical Supply, for example, our team is trained to match the right mobility device with the needs and budget of the customer.

5) Ostomy & Incontinence Supplies
Finally, it may not be your first thought when planning a medical procedure, but it can be extremely helpful to know about any potential bladder leaks and odor concerns that may result from your medical condition or surgery. It is critical to protect your delicate skin and wound areas from any unnecessary irritation while preventing embarrassing accidents and pungent odors by using high-quality care products from top brands that may be purchased in advance from your local medical supply store. Ostomy patients are also encouraged to ask about ostomy pouch styles, intermittent catheters and samples to try at Northside Medical Supply.

Why Shop at Northside Medical Supply
At Northside Medical Supply, we carry all the hard-to-find products you need and the dependable brands that hospitals trust most to provide the care items you need before, during, and following your surgery. Plus, our team is looking forward to finding the items that work best for your medical care needs and budget to save you time and money in your search for the right product. You’ll also love our daily living solutions, fitting services, and unique finds that make great gifts. Stop by to browse our store location in Roswell, Georgia today!

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