The Omicron variant of the COVID-19 virus produced a dramatic surge in January hospitalizations in a number of states including Georgia. While the hope is that the worst of this virus has passed, there is always a risk the Omicron or another variant will continue to spread rapidly leaving a wake of lasting damaging effects to the health of many exposed individuals of varying demographics. The good news is these 4 items have been shown to provide some protection against COVID-19 and other harmful germs.

1) Face Masks
Remember in the early days of COVID-19 when face masks were proposed to the general public as an important tool in reducing the spread by the CDC? While the idea of wearing a face mask may be controversial outside of the healthcare industry, according to the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), face coverings have been a critical preventative step in the war against wound infections and germ contractions in medical practices since the 1920s.

For this reason, it is helpful to note that medical supply stores like Northside Medical Supply in Roswell, Georgia keep a wide assortment of medical coverings, such as face masks, fully-stocked.?? While different face masks available for purchase on the market may vary by filtration capabilities and intended purposes, those found at Northside Medical Supply have been researched and carefully selected to meet the CDC guidelines as well as recommendations from the medical community for both medical professionals and the general public. This makes shopping for the best in personal protection equipment items for your needs as easy as stopping by our store location or calling to place a contactless pickup order.

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2) Disposable Gloves
Rubber gloves were first worn in the medical field by nurses and later surgeons in the late 1800s. The healthcare professionals noticed both protection for their skin as well as a dramatic reduction in infection rates for the patients. In a published report in 1899, Dr. Joseph Bloodgood noted a nearly perfect infection reduction after performing 450 hernia operations when he wore rubber gloves.

For such reasons, it is hard to imagine a medical professional today performing any examination or procedure without the use of disposable gloves where a different pair is used for each patient. ??During the COVID-19 pandemic, patients and caretakers also began using disposable gloves more frequently as a means of keeping themselves and those in their care protected from germs. Gloves are especially helpful in the fight against germs when grocery shopping, putting gas in the car, or performing other tasks in public settings where Omicron may be present on surfaces. To that point, certain gas stations and retailers offer disposable gloves for patrons to use for their safety.

3) Hand Soaps, Sanitizers, & Wipes
Of course, the best defense against contracting most viruses, including but not limited to Omicron, while in public spaces or at home is to wash your hands with a moisturizing gentle cleanser for 20 seconds while using friction to remove any stubborn germs. However, sometimes washing your hands is not an option, such as when you are on a hike or in your car. For such times, hand sanitizers and gentle wipes are easy to store, carry, and use for quick access to germ-fighting solutions that can help you stay healthy.

At Northside Medical Supply, you’ll find an extensive selection of the top hospital-grade gentle hygiene products like ME Medichoice® cleansers for all skin types. Our hand sanitizers and wipes are available in all sizes ranging from travel size to commercial refills for the office or medical clinic. Pick up your supply of germ-reducing protection and reduce your risk of infection while helping to slow the spread at home, in the office, or on the go.

4) Vitamins D3, C, and Zinc
Another way to avoid some of the damaging effects of the Omicron variant or future COVID-19 variants is to stay healthy and active. However, it can seem nearly impossible to intake the recommended amount of vitamins and nutritional needs daily. Also, some individuals are deficient in specific vitamins like D3. Therefore, ask your physician if taking vitamins like C, D3, and zinc would be helpful in maximizing your health and preventing the potentially harmful effects of COVID-19 variants or another contracted virus.

If you live in the Roswell, Georgia area, you can pick up your supply of vitamins, cleansers and sanitizers, or any PPE equipment items quickly and safely using our contactless curbside pickup by calling (770) 425-7718 and placing your order at the medical supply store nearby. Then, simply call to let us know when you have arrived in the parking lot and a team member will place your items in the trunk or backseat of your vehicle.

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