Are you reopening your business in the Roswell, Georgia area after being closed due to the coronavirus (COVID-19)? Although many businesses such as retail stores, medical clinics, spas, and salons are opening their doors to an eagerly awaiting public, there are some precautions that could reduce the risk of being closed down again due to the spread of this potentially deadly and highly contagious virus. With these seven steps being taken, consumers and employees alike will feel safer with resuming indoor shopping, spa services, and medical care.

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  1. Adopt a new Cleaning Regimen 
    The CDC recommends wiping down hard surfaces in the home daily. This is one suggestion the grocery stores and other essential businesses have been taking seriously throughout the pandemic, and it has had a comforting impact on consumers. As customers learn to trust your cleaning routine, they may linger longer in the store and purchase more. Therefore, we suggest taking a note from the local grocer and wiping down all carts and hard surfaces with antimicrobial wipes or spray after being in contact with the public and before opening each day to help reduce the spread of COVID-19. 
  2. Limiting the Indoor Population
    This may be another policy you are already planning. But, how do you enforce it? Start by calculating and posting your limits on your website policies and business doors. Assign a friendly greeter who assists with the limits while wearing a face mask and pair of gloves and stands six feet from consumers whenever possible. If you are in a service industry, such as a spa or medical clinic, call those with scheduled appointments to ask individuals to come alone and call or text from the parking lot to check in. It also should be clearly noted on the website, doors, and during the appointment scheduling and confirmations that those with symptoms however mild are asked to reschedule the appointment.
  3. Leave Multiple Doors Unlocked
    It may seem like closing off a doorway when you have two makes it easier to prevent overcrowding. However, as people leave the building, it may be better for them to have their own exit to stay farther apart from those who are entering. Therefore, consider allowing people in one door and out the other. Even if people enter and exit through both doorways interchangeably, at least they have more room to come and go more comfortably.
  4. Check Temperatures
    One exception to greeting employees standing six feet from consumers is when they get closer while wearing a face mask and gloves to take the temperature of those entering the building. Luckily, there are no-touch infrared thermometers that can give accurate readings without transferring potential harmful germs. These thermometers can read a temperature by pointing the device at the individual’s forehead and squeezing the trigger making them a useful tool in the effort to contain the COVID-19 spread. 
  5. Provide PPE at the Entrance
    As individuals enter the building, business owners are approaching the PPE topic in two ways. Some are offering free disposable face masks and hand sanitizer while others are setting these items plus reusable face masks and gloves on a display by the entrance with a checkout kiosk for those who did not bring PPE items from home or those who are running low on supplies to purchase their own protective items before shopping. 
  6. Place Social Distancing Signs
    We can all use reminders now and then, especially when resuming our “normal” activities in public. It can be easy to forget about the pandemic when the shiny lights and excitement of going indoors once again takes over. Therefore, in addition to the aforementioned door signs, business owners are also placing social distancing reminders at the entrance and checkout stations. 
  7. Other Helpful Supplies to Put on Display
    PPE supplies are not the only things consumers are looking to purchase for protection and healing assistance during the pandemic. Items such as zinc sulfate tablets and respiratory supplies like humidifiers, vaporizers, compressor nebulizers, incentive spirometers, and pulse oximeters are also popular. If you carry such items for purchasing, you may want to place them near the entrance in a visible location for a faster and easier purchase process.
  8. Fitting Rooms and Handled Items
    Small spaces like fitting rooms can be difficult to monitor for social distancing and challenging to clean after each use. Therefore, it may be preferable to close the fitting rooms. For items commonly touched such as shoes and accessories, a safe sanitizing routine may go a long way in helping to curb the viral spread just as car dealerships have been sanitizing their vehicles after test drives.
  9. Stock Bathrooms With PPE
    If you are maintaining public bathrooms, it is important to frequently check on stocked supplies such as antimicrobial soap and no-touch hand sanitizer dispensers. This is another wonderful place for a no-touch disposable face mask dispenser as well. These items plus wiping down surfaces periodically can further keep your business open and consumers confident in their safety while visiting your place of business.
  10. Protect the Checkout Process
    Lastly, social distancing at the checkout counters can be a more comfortable process for all parties when a transparent shield is installed at the counter and brightly colored tape is placed six feet apart in the line area. The shield enables guests to come close enough to pay and use card readers without fear. Tape will further remind individuals how far apart six feet is in actual measurements. 

As you can see from the above precautions, there is a lot involved in reopening a business during a pandemic like COVID-19. The good news is Northside Medical Supply has the cleaning and PPE items you need in stock and we are conveniently located at 11040 Crabapple Rd, Ste B in Roswell, Georgia! Plus, we offer FREE no-contact curbside pickup for all orders. Simply call (770) 425-7718 to place your order to pick up your supplies and start preparing your business to reopen today!

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