Adult Underwear, Briefs and Booster Pads Atlanta, Alpharetta & Roswell, GA

Adult Underwear, Briefs and Booster Pads

Adult Underwear

Underwear should be discreet, gentle on skin, and comfortable. Just because you struggle with incontinence issues doesn’t mean you should have to sacrifice any of these expectations. Feel confident all day or throughout the night while knowing the fast absorbency and moisture locking system in the most trusted brands of adult underwear is working to keep you dry and odor free.

Adult Disposable Side-Tab Briefs

Looking for more comfortable and easier to use adult disposable briefs that work better than pull-up solutions? We carry only the best in protective underwear that refastens and stretches for that perfect fit every time. Discover the difference adjustable tabs can make in your comfort and ease of use.

Booster Pads

When an added layer of protection from leaks and odors is required, booster pads could be the discreet solution you need to stay dry. Booster pads work by absorbing fluids and catching solids to a maximum fill before the adult underwear or disposable briefs absorb remaining liquids preventing unwanted leaks and spills with double protection.

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